Websider Scouts the 28 of 2009

Texas A&M landed 28 solid prospects on signing day, wrapping up a major victory toward taking the Aggies back to the top of the Big 12. Websider has the latest on all of the recruits in our continuing signing day coverage.

Here is the breakdown of Texas A&M's solid and star-studded class of 2009.

Quarterback (0)

While the position is getting dangerously thin for Texas A&M, the Aggies will hit the position hard in 2010. They will sign at least two, and if they can get a player like McCoy to compliment Showers then there will be no problem with skipping on one in 2009.

Running Backs (3)

Christine Michael – West Brook Sr. HS

National Rank – #4
Strengths – Vision, Speed, Hands, Elusiveness, Cutback Ability
Areas they can improve – Size, Strength

Quote – "Even among this group of talented running backs, he stands out. You can tell he will only improve because of how hard a worker he is. He's a very natural football player, and one of the best I've seen. He will do great things at the college level and beyond." – Scout at USAAB Weekend

Kalvin Guyton – Lamar HS

National Rank – #71
Strengths – Endurance, Balance, Hands, Power, Speed
Areas they can improve – Size, Strength

Quote - "It's no big deal [running between the tackles every play]. I feel I get stronger with every carry. Coach Sherman said if I came in ready to compete that I have the skills to contribute next year as a freshman. They need somebody with both speed and power to get the tough yards between the tackles." – Kalvin Guyton

Ryan Swope – Westlake HS

National Rank – #40
Strengths – Speed, Physicality, Hands, Intangibles
Areas they can improve – Size

Quote – "Listen, we've been doing this a long time here, and we've had some great athletes come through, and I can honestly say he's the fastest we've ever timed at the 40. We've had Earl Campbell's son come through, we've had guys that have won district in the 100m for 3 years straight, and nobody has clocked as fast as him." – Westlake Head Coach Derek Long

Wide Receiver (3)

Uzoma Nwachukwu – Allen HS

National Rank – #34
Strengths – Speed, Routes, Technique, Feet, Strength
Areas they can improve – Hands

Quote – "We tested ourselves right before fall practices. I ran a 4.35 forty, squatted 520, benched 335, and my vertical jump was 41.5 inches." – Uzoma Nwachukwu.

Brandal Jackson – Navasota HS

National Rank - #21
Strengths – Speed, Hands, Routes, Leap
Areas they can improve – Size

Quote - "I worked hard in the offseason to get faster and it's paid off. It's added to my confidence that I can beat anybody at anytime. I also feel my hands have gotten better and if a ball is in the air, I'll find a way to catch it. It's mine." – Brandal Jackson

Kenric McNeal – Spring HS

National Rank - #28
Strengths – Speed, Intelligence, Agility, Feet
Areas they can improve – Routes

Quote – "I'm good at reading the defense. I can get up-field fast and I just go get the ball. I'm real athletic and move well." – Kenric McNeal

Tight End (1)

Hutson Prioleau – All-Saints Episcopal HS

National Rank – #17
Strengths – Hands, Blocking, Routes, Size
Areas they can improve – Open Field Blocking

Quote – "I had a good day [at the Nike Combine]. I caught everything they threw to me. I didn't miss anything. I was named to the Elite Eleven team at the camp as one of the top 11 prospects. I was honored." – Hutson Prioleau

Offensive Line (4)

Stephen Barrera – Clear Lake HS

National Rank – #14
Strengths – Size, Physicality, Hands, Feet
Areas they can improve – Experience at position

Quote – "Well first of all he's just a physical specimen. He's probably right at 300 pounds and he doesn't have a belly on him at all. He's coming in at 6'5" or 6'6", so he should make for a good tackle." – Clear Lake Coach

Clinton Naron – Klein Oak

National Rank – #18
Strengths – Size, Athleticism, Hands
Areas they can improve – Footwork

Quote – "He's completely in love with A&M, and he can't wait to go up there and get them ready to turn things around. He's pumped." – Klein Oak Coach

Rhontae Scales – Killeen HS

National Rank – #16
Strengths – Blocking, Size, Feet, Work Ethic
Areas they can improve – Agressiveness

Quote – "Rhontae is special because he is not only just a big body, but he is a big guy that can move. Coaches now want their tackles 6'6" with the ability to finish off plays, and that is what Rhontae gives you. He takes control of his man and moves him wherever he wants him for the duration of the play. The best part about it is you can tell he enjoys it." – Killeen Head Coach Sam Jones

Patrick Lewis – East Saint John HS

National Rank - #8
Strengths – Blocking, Tenacity, Drive
Areas they can improve – Height, Strength

Quote – "[Coach Malzan at Auburn] says I'm the best offensive lineman he's seen in the country, and he wants to stay on me until Signing Day. I said that was fine, but that I'm signing with Texas A&M on February 4th."

Defensive Line (4)

Andrew Weaver – Waco HS

National Rank – #132
Strengths – Intelligence, Quickness, Hands, Awareness
Areas they can improve – Speed on the edge

Quote – "His intelligence [is probably the best aspect of his game]. He is a very smart football player; he knows where to be on the field and knows how to use his body. He has great quickness off the ball and is an excellent pass rusher. He also runs very well." – Waco Head Coach Johnny Tusa

Kirby Ennis – Huntsville HS

National Rank – #74
Strengths – Focus, Work Ethic, Intangibles, Agility
Areas they can improve – Strength

Quote - "Well we had 4 or 5 goal line stands this year where he kind of led the charge. I remember one in particular where they had the ball 1st and goal on the half yard line, and they didn't get in because he was getting in the backfield every play. It won us the game." – Huntsville Head Coach Mitchell Coey

Chris Henderson – Carter HS

National Rank – #41
Strengths – Pursuit, Rushing, Quickness, Motor
Areas they can improve – Hands

Quote – "Henderson flies off the ball. His first step catches OTs and TEs off guard forcing them off balance. Once off balance, they are at his mercy. Henderson runs like a big linebacker." – Scout

Spencer Nealy – Reagan HS

National Rank – NR
Strengths – Athleticism, Motor, Hands, Feet
Areas they can improve – Shedding Blocks

Quote - "He's got great size, good height, and he's getting better and better every year. He comes from good genes; his father played in the NBA for 10 years, so anytime you have that type of athletic ability passed down you will normally be very fortunate athletically." – Reagan Head Coach David Wetzel

Linebacker (5)

Aaron Arterburn – Rockwall HS

National Rank – NR
Strengths – Speed, Pursuit, Aggressiveness, Tackling
Areas they can improve – Strength

Quote – "Aaron can come in and help a team out right away. He's a competitor, so I'm sure no matter where he goes he is going to work hard to try and get on the field." – Rockwall Head Coach Scott Smith

Michael Lamothe – New Iberia HS

National Rank – #58
Strengths – Range, Size, Speed, Stride, Intellect
Areas they can improve – Quickness

Quote – "Most guys, you know, we just try to keep them at the strength level they were at during the summer and beginning of the season, but Michael actually improved his lifting as the season went on. He has an incredible motor. He also has great hands for a linebacker, which is why he can play tight end and had his four interceptions." – New Iberia coach

Jonathan Stewart – Byrd HS

National Rank – #24
Strengths – Size, Speed, Pass Coverage, Tackling
Areas they can improve – Inside Run Support

Quote - "He's every bit of 6'4" and a good 220 pounds. Big guys like him aren't special in themselves, but the difference with Jon is he can run. He is one of the fastest on the team, and runs down people on a regular basis." Byrd Head Coach Mike Suggs

Sean Porter – Samuel Clemens HS

National Rank – #34
Strengths – Blitzing, Aggressiveness, Leadership, Range
Areas they can improve – Strength

Quote - "He's really one of the best linebackers I've coached in 28 years of coaching. He was the MVP of our district, and we were in one of the toughest 4A divisions of our state, and he earned every bit of that title." – Clemens Head Coach Greg Ferrara

Malcolm Johnson – Klein Collins HS

National Rank – #64
Strengths – Athleticism, Work Ethic, Range, Speed
Areas they can improve – Strength

Quote - In [the game against Langham Creek] he had 4 sacks, and was just abusing their guys, so they started using a running back to try and cut him if he came off of the outside. There was one play where he came around and the running back tried to block him, and he hurdled the guy and dove into the QB for one of his sacks. It was a vicious hit and I think he caused a fumble. Malcolm reminds me of a Shawn Merriman, Lawrence Taylor type with his ability to rush the passer, I really mean that. He's amazing." – Collins Head Coach Drew Svoboda

Safety (3)

Colton Valencia – Hightower HS

National Rank – #67
Strengths – Versatility, Speed, Leadership, Run Support
Areas they can improve – Hands

Quote - "I thought I had a pretty good game. My coverage was there. I didn't give up a pass completion. I had the interception on a jump ball thirty yards downfield, but what I really liked was the two de-cleaters I had that broke up two pass plays. I love to hit." – Colton Valencia

Stephen Campbell – Jersey Village HS

National Rank – #33
Strengths – Size, Tenacity, Tackling, Hitting
Areas they can improve – Hip Movement

Quote - "He is a quiet kid that doesn't speak up all that much, but he will communicate with you on the football field by knocking your head off. He knocked a couple of guys out of games last year and a couple of his hits knocked balls loose." – Jersey Village Head Coach David Snokhous

Charlie Thomas – Central Senior HS

National Rank – #47
Strengths – Speed, Range, Tackling, Hands, Aggressiveness
Areas they can improve – Strength, Reads

Quote – "I'm being recruited as a safety. I've got good speed for the position and I like to be aggressive and hit people." – Charlie Thomas

Cornerback (4)

Desmond Gardiner – PA Memorial HS

National Rank – #61
Strengths – Hustle, Intelligence, Physicality, Speed
Areas they can improve – Hands, Tackling

Quote - "I like aggressive, man-to-man, get-in-your-face coverage and forcing the action. Coach McMillian, Coach Malone, and Coach Turner told me that they want somebody with good bump-and-run skills and somebody who can make a play on the ball. That fits my game." – Desmond Gardiner

Steven Terrell – Allen HS

National Rank – #109
Strengths – Coverage, Speed, Intelligence, Hands
Areas they can improve – Range

Quote – "Stephen is one of the best all around guys we have on our defense. He not only knows how to play, he knows what it takes as a whole team to win, and that has been a key for us all season. He has that winning mentality all the way." – Allen Coach

Dustin Harris – Livingston HS

National Rank – #101
Strengths – Speed, Athleticism, Intangibles
Areas they can improve – Familiarity with position

Quote - "Not many kids can excel at such a high level in all four major sports at the 4A level and he does that. Plus, he's a great young man and a natural leader. He's one of the most competitive kids that I've ever been associated with and he's a winner. You can't teach that." – Livingston Head Coach Randy Rowe

Coryell Judie – Fort Scott JC

National Rank – JC
Strengths – Athleticism, Range, Coverage Skills, Speed, Size
Areas they can improve – Scheme recognition

Quote – "Coryell is a lock down corner. He's got very long arms, great ball skills and he really attacks the football in the air. That is a result of him playing a little receiver over the course of his career. He's got everything a corner needs in my opinion; he's a bigger body but you don't lose any hip flexibility or speed out of him." – Fort Scott coordinator Russ Pickett

Kicker/Punter (1)

Ryan Epperson – Keller HS

National Rank – NR
Strengths – Flexibility, Leg Strength
Areas they can improve – Consistency

Quote – "If given the chance, I definitely think he will have similar success [to his Ray Guy award winning brother]. I fully expect to see both of them playing on Sundays." – Keller Head Coach Kevin Atkinson

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