Matthews Making Visits?

Aggie fans have long felt the sense of an inside track with one of the best prospects of 2010, Elkins tackle Jake Matthews. With an offer from Mack Brown now on the table, what are Matthews' new plans for the spring? Websider visits with his head coach to get the answers.

Schools around the country having been fighting for the services of one of the best offensive tackles in the nation in Elkins junior Jake Matthews. On Monday, Jake even received a phone call from Mack Brown, offering him a scholarship to Texas. This may have come as a surprise to some, so we visited with Elkins Head Coach Robert Crivellari about what this commitment meant to the Matthews family.

"I think Texas was definitely a school that Jake has always had on his radar, as one of the schools he would consider heavily," Crivellari said. "He was obviously very happy to receive the call from Mack, and I'm sure they will be a school that he looks hard at here in the future."

Matthews originally had not planned or had any plans to go visit the longhorns, but it seems as if this recent turn of events has convinced him to check out the new offer.

"He will be going up to Texas in two Fridays, on the 27th," Crivellari said. "He hasn't been up there yet under these circumstances, so he just wants to go and see what they are all about. He'll go up there with his dad and I'm sure get a lot of information on the campus and facilities, and meet the coaches."

When asked about a decision timetable, Crivellari said that he does not believe anything will be different for Jake, but did loosely imply that a decision may come sooner rather than later.

"I don't think this changes anything as far as timetable goes," Crivellari said. "I mean, I don't think he will decide before the 27th or anything. I could see a decision coming decently soon after that, but you never really know. He's going to be smart about it, and he's going to weigh all his options and find the best fit for him, but because he's been so diligent about it early I could see him being one of the earlier ones to commit somewhere."

Asked about schools that stand out, there were four that popped into his coach's mind, including three that Jake has already seen.

"He's open to any school right now, he hasn't narrowed it down or anything," Crivellari said. "The schools he has looked at most are USC, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma to go with Texas now. He's been up to USC in the summer, and obviously he is very familiar and comfortable with A&M and the staff there, and he has always like Oklahoma. I don't think he has been to Oklahoma or has a trip planned though, but I know he has looked at them."

Crivellari, however, played it coy when asked about a guess as to where Matthews would end up.

"Oh I have no idea," Crivellari said. "All I know is I'm glad I've got him for another year, and that wherever he goes will be the best place for him. He's smart, and he'll make that decision based on every factor, so there is no way for me to even guess about something like that. He's a good kid, and he'll find a good kid. That's all I know."

It looks like, for Aggie fans as well as fans around the country holding their breath, that we are in for some more waiting for this blue-chip prospect.

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