Coach's Corner: Shep Klinke

The Aggies landed their third commit of the 2010 class with the addition of offensive lineman Shep Klinke over the weekend. Aggie Websider visits with Klinke's head coach at Katy, Gary Joseph, about what makes him stand out and what impact he can have on the next level.

What is the best thing about Shep's game?

Shep has really good feet for an offensive lineman. He knows how to move well and he can drive people because of his feet. He's 6'6" and I believe he has amazing upside, and he is a really intelligent kid so he can adjust well to the game. He's going to get bigger, he's got the frame to be a good 310 and he will probably redshirt so after that he'll be much stronger.

Is that the main thing he needs to work on then is strength?

I would say so, yes. He's very young for his age, so he hasn't grown into his body fully yet.

How is his work ethic? Is he working hard to get stronger?

He really is. You know anytime a kid has like a 4.6 GPA, you know they are going to have a good work ethic. He's getting stronger, he's just not where he needs to be yet because I think he's just starting to believe in himself that he is an elite level type of player.

Could you talk about how his recruitment went? It seems like there was not much attention until recently, why do you think that is?

Well Shep, like many of our guys seem to do, really got better as the year wore on. He didn't start out as one of our main guys, and then missed three games due to injury, but he kind of emerged as that go to tackle towards the end. We hadn't had much talk about Shep and then here recently a bunch of schools came in and started asking about him. It had just started to get serious for him when A&M called and wanted him, and of course he was thrilled with that.

It seems like that is a common theme with a bunch of your players, maybe not getting as much attention as they should from colleges early on. Why do you think that is?

I think two reasons. First that a bunch of our guys don't fit a mold. They don't fit into what the colleges think is the type of guy that they need, which is unfortunate. Second, many coaches think that these players are the best they are ever going to get. I think that, I mean sure, we've had guys come through that didn't work out on the college level, but I think that for the most part our guys have done really well and bring a lot of intangibles to the next level.

Is Shep one of those guys who has those intangibles?

He is, and I think he will be even more so as he develops into a leader on the team for next year. We have a lot of guys like that though, Sam Hall is another guy, he played through some serious stuff in the championship game and he may be passed over. It's just unfortunate that many of our guys get overlooked, because you can see the film and see what they can do. Luckily A&M, as well as a lot of other schools who were about to jump onboard, began to see that in Shep.

What attracted Shep to A&M?

Well that is where both of his parents graduated from, so he's got that. Second, he really likes that it was close to home, and finally he really liked Sherman and the offensive line coach they have up there. He knows Sherman and that staff are real teaching guys, so he thought it would be a good fit for him to get better every day like we preach here at Katy.

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