Coach's Corner: Clay Honeycutt

Not a lot was known about Clay when he gave his verbal to Texas A&M, but ever since then people have been finding out about the hidden gem from Dickinson. Aggie Websider visits with Coach Trahan about his star player.

What makes Clay stand apart from the other guys you've seen and coached?

"He's very coachable, he's smart, and he makes good decisions both with and without the football. He really takes what we say and applies it well out on the field. He is not a robot, but it seems like he always does the right thing; always does what he's told. He knows when to bring it down and when to run, and has great instincts."

Has Clay emerged as a leader on the team?

"Well he is going to be a leader. It was hard for him to be a leader so far, because last year we had a great group and signed 13 to scholarships, so there was no way he was going to be a leader through that bunch. Now that it is his team and some of the focus is on him, I think it is helping him to take that leadership role."

So do you see Clay as a quarterback on the next level?

"No, I don't think so, but that's not to say that he can't play the spot. He has a great arm and he can make every throw, so if they need him, he'll be able to play it, but I see him somewhere else. He's just a football player; he can play a bunch of different positions. Given the time to mature he could be a factor at QB though."

If you were Sherman, where would you put him?

"(laughs) You know Mike asked me the same thing, and I said ‘man, that's your job'. I really don't know. If I had to put him somewhere, I'd put him at inside receiver probably, or maybe even free safety. I think he could play both of those positions really well also in college."

Have you ever tested his hands and other receiving skills?

"Oh sure, he was our starting Y, our starting inside receiver for two years. He has great hands and runs great routes, and he also just knows where the windows are, he is very good at finding how to sit and get open. I think it helps a lot that he knows how to play quarterback so he knows what the QB will see."

So what made him make the switch for quarterback?

"Well we needed him in the middle of the season to make the switch, so he did it for the good of the team, and we're really lucky to have him there. He didn't put up great stats as some people have said but it doesn't tell the whole story, this kid knows how to win. He came in and did a great job leading us into the playoffs."

He sounds an awful lot like the current Aggie player Ryan Tannehill.

"I'm sure that's some of what Sherman thought when he saw him too."

What are his biggest weaknesses right now?

"I don't know if I can think of any at receiver, but at QB he can bring the ball down to run too quickly, and kind of look at the rush too much. His feet could also be better. He's improving there though."

What made him choose A&M?

"He's just a quality kid who came from two quality parents who went there and whose coach also went there, and that has to help. But hey, let me just say that if it sounds like I haven't built this kid up, then that's on me, but he is going to be great at the next level, let me assure you. He's going to be a great player for Texas A&M."

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