Coach's Corner: Trevor Murphy

It's always tough to know how a player will pan out coming out of high school, but for Jefferson High School Coach Scott Hale he has no doubt how his lineman will do at the next level. Websider visits with him about his prospect securely on the Aggie radar.

Who has Trevor been hearing from lately?

"He's heard from a bunch of schools, Texas A&M, Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and on and on. I think Louisiana State invited him to their junior day yesterday, so a lot of people are starting to get on board and recruit him. I don't know if any of these guys have offered yet, but I'd imagine several of them are close to."

What is special about Trevor that would make him a good fit at these schools?

"Trevor is very smart. He is smart, and he plays smart. He's very driven, so anything you tell him to do he's going to process over and over until he gets it exactly right and then he'll do it. He's just a tremendous, great kid with a great character and attitude, so he's exactly the type of kid you root for and know will succeed because of how hard he works. He definitely gets the most out of his talent."

What is the biggest aspect of on the field play that helps him out?

"It's probably his determination through a play. If he has to block a guy or get around a guy or go through a guy, he will not stop until it's done. He's got a great motor."

Is he a leader on the team?

"Oh absolutely. He is our leader no question. He's been starting on varsity since he was a freshman, and he is the unquestioned leader of the team right now. He may not be as vocal as some of the other guys, but he is the guy they look to for an example because of how hard he works."

Where did he play primarily for you last year?

"He played primarily on the defensive line, but we brought him in at times on the offensive line too, we just didn't want to wear him out too much. He was our main defensive guy though."

So do you see him staying on defense in college?

"No actually I see him making the shift to offensive line. He is 6'3" and about 280, and he started at 260 this year but has put on 20 pounds of good weight since then and is working out and getting stronger every day. He's still developing, so I see him shifting to an offensive lineman full time later on."

Does he have any favorites right now?

"I would say his three favorites are TCU, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M. TCU and Oklahoma State are on him pretty hard right now, and A&M was on him really hard early but they have kind of backed off some, but they are still in the picture and I know he is very interested in them, since he's been up there and been around. Rice has even come after him too lately which he is looking into just because it is such a good school academically."

What is his one major weakness?

"Honestly he doesn't do anything really wrong in his game because if he messes up he works so hard to make sure it doesn't happen again. The main thing holding him back from being a 4 or 5 star prospect is his height and only 6'3". However, what a lot of people don't realize is he is fine playing center as well, so that can help him out as he doesn't have to be as tall there."

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