Weekend Big 12 Primer

It's been a rough start for Texas A&M so far this season, but they get a good chance for some good scouting opportunities this weekend as their are many games that will be great matchups around the Big 12. Aggie Websider takes a look around the conference for the weekend.

Kansas at Arizona State - Always remember that the weekend primer will focus on the best result for the Ags, based upon all that we know. A&M gets the Jayhawks in a few weeks, but you should root for them to take this series. Any Big 12 win over non-conference foes will end up helping our RPI, and we should almost always root for Big 12 teams against OOC opponents. ASU probably takes this one in a sweep, but every KU win is good for us.

Butler at Kansas State, Oklahoma vs Bethune Cookman / Eastern Illinois / South Florida. - The Wildcats are off to a surprisingly strong start this year, despite a less than stellar schedule. OU is playing some lower tiered teams as the gear up for league play. Follow the rules listed above and pull for them to take all four from Butler.

Oklahoma State vs Cal-State Fullerton and Rhode Island - Here's the exception to the rule! Oklahoma State is off to a very good start with yet another solid ballclub that will finish ahead of where many pundits predicted them in the preseason. The last thing A&M needs is more confidence in Stillwater, or them having any head-to-head edges if hosting or national seeds come up for debate - plus A&M absorbs any Fullerton wins in the RPI anyway. Root for the Pokes to take Rhode Island down, and for Fullerton to play every inning in Stillwater like it's the ninth inning in College Station.

Missouri at Texas - A preseason Top 10 matchup looks more like a yawner, as the Tigers have not played quality ball this season. Texas is up to a #1 national ranking and it's hard to argue that they're not the Big 12 favorites as it sits right now. Hope for Missouri to pull a series win here, be happy if they win a single game in Austin (first game is their best shot), and consider it a typical Aggie luck when Texas sweeps.

Nebraska at Tech - The Huskers don't seem to have the squad that they usually do, and Tech is near the beginning of a rebuilding project in the post Larry Hays days. This series is a lot easier to pick, from an Aggie value point of view, if both teams weren't 0-0. Go ahead and pull for the Huskers here, merely because they're the road team and any league win away from home is a good one.

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