Coach's Corner: Clarence Lee

It didn't take long for Clarence Lee, a one time offensive prospect, to begin getting major looks on the defensive side. Aggie Websider visits with Jefferson High coach Scott Hale about his star prospect.

Who leads the race for Clarence Lee's services?

"There are a whole host of schools that are in there right now for him, but there are a couple that stand out. First, I think Texas had a high interest in him and he was really hoping that they would offer, but they told him they are waiting, as they are looking at three defensive ends and they are not sure he's going to be the one. They told him they would let him know in May. In the mean time, Clarence really likes Texas A&M, and Nebraska and Oklahoma are two other junior days that I think he would like to go to. Those four have probably separated themselves from the pack somewhat."

Clarence seems like another one of those guys that was initially under the radar. Why do you think that is?

"Well he is a guy that is mainly about potential. His potential is very, very big. He is 6'4" or 6'5" and is a very athletic guy. Right now he weighs only 210, but he is very underdeveloped and still growing. He runs a 4.6, and when the Texas coaches came down to watch they said they could see him being 260 pounds within a year. He has that type of frame that you know he can build on, and its special to have him so fast because that's harder to improve on.

Is he working hard to get the weight up for defensive end?

"He is now, it's just hard for him since he is in basketball, and before he has played some wide receiver and quarterback as well. He can play a bunch of positions, but defensive end is the one he will most likely grow into and excel at. In fact, the A&M coaches came down just to watch him play basketball, and they loved him. They were very excited with how he moved for a bigger guy."

What is the one thing he needs to work on right now?

"Probably mainly upper body strength. As I said, that before wasn't his main concern but right now he's working to improve it. He's still growing so he's getting stronger every day."

What is the best thing about his game?

"Well he can be a true edge guy. He has really good length on him, so he can stretch out the field for the linebackers. He is really quick and agile. If and when he gets his strength up to be able to better meet people head on, he will be a complete package. He has the frame and tools to be very special."

Is there one play that let you know how special he is this past season?

"It was probably the time that he was rushing the passer in one of our games, and he jumped up straight over a blocker to get to the quarterback. He hit him for a vicious sack and I believe he also caused a fumble that really turned things around for us. It's hard to describe because it sounds like any other play, but it was really one where you think ‘Wow. If he can harness this he will be great at the next level.'"

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