Coach's Corner: Gavin Stansbury

The Aggies are working hard to make inroads in Louisiana, and new commit Gavin Stansbury is a prime example of their success. Websider visits with his coach about his performance over the season.

What about Stansbury makes him so special on the field?

"He is really smart, and he plays really fast. For being out there on the end, he is really quick, and he is kind of a specialist and moving past a guy to get in the backfield. He can put a lot of pressure on a quarterback if a tackle isn't used to a guy his size with his speed off the ball, so that has been a big help for us."

Is he a leader on the team?

"He is definitely one of our leaders. He is always trying to get our guys up in between plays and during practices and everything. He just loves to be active – he loves to be out there and it shows and I think it rubs off on our other players. He is someone I would call a leader on the team."

In the recent Scout combine, Gavin ran a 5.1 forty time, apparently due to bad field conditions. What does he normally run for you?

"Well there is no way it is a 5.1. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I'm pretty sure he is in the 4.8 range, maybe a little faster. He is one of those all sport guys, he plays basketball, track… he does a lot of things here for us, so he can move his body. He is pretty solid for a 6'2" or 6'3" kid, but he carries it around very well. He has to be to play basketball like he does, he is one of our stars there too."

What is the one thing Gavin needs to work on for the next level?

"I don't know if there is any one thing, but just in general strength would be a good thing, just because it is a different level when you get up there in college. He is strong now but I imagine when he gets in the strength and conditioning program up there it will help him a lot."

Do you see Gavin coming in and helping right away or is he a development guy?

"Well skills and attitude wise, as well as just a knowledge of the game, I'd say he's ready but you just never know. He has the frame to grow, so if they want him a little bigger he may need to wait it out and gain some weight, but he doesn't need too much on him. A lot of that will probably come naturally when he quits pursuing some of these other sports."

Is there one play or series of plays that stands out as why he is so special?

"I don't know if it was one thing, but there was this one game where we played a real talented running back, and they were trying to sweep us and get to the outside and it seems like every time Gavin was able to beat him to the corner, and he kept stretching out the plays to the point where the running back got frustrated and they had to try and run it away from him. It was a really impressive game for him overall."

Any insight on his recruiting process and why he picked the Aggies?

"I just know they have been on him for a while. They have had his attention with all of these letters, and he was kind of looking at state schools but wanted to see what else was out there. I think when he saw their facilities he just fell in love with it, and felt comfortable with the coaches. Like I said, he is a very smart kid, so I'm sure he picked the best school for him."

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