Coach's Corner: Ivan Robinson

Yet another prospect in the cajun state with his eyes squarely on Texas A&M is South Beauregard High's Ivan Robinson. Websider visits with head coach Shawn Demeritt about the prospect and his recruitment so far.

So what is special about Ivan Robinson on the football field?

"It's his size/speed combo. He is 6'4", 267 pounds on the nose, and he can flat out run. He is a center on the basketball team, and he runs on the 4x100 relay for the school and does an 11.3 split on his 100 meter. At 267, it almost looks unreal to see a guy that size move so fast, and since he is so big he carries his pads well too."

What is the one thing he doesn't do as well?

"He needs to correct his hands off the line, and get separation off his man. That is probably my fault - we're getting that corrected - but from watching film with him we both realized that to take that next step he needs to get better with his hands. He is real coordinated and I know he can do it, it has just been so natural for him to just beat people because of his size, but he knows he can't always do that. Here sometimes he's against linemen that are 5'8" or 5'9", so it can lead to bad habits when he is beating them nearly every play."

Do you think it hurts Ivan's, and other kids from smaller schools' stock a little in that they don't get the chance to play against better competition?

"I think it totally depends on what the kid does with it. Like I said, it can lead to bad habits, but it could also lead to people taking plays off and Ivan never does that. He never loafs, and he is always full speed so in that way I don't think it has hurt him. In some ways maybe it has, because for many teams their only solution is to cut him, illegally sometimes, but just try and get him down which hurts because he is still working on our hands. I think he'd have a lot more impressive plays if they didn't cut him as much, and of course you don't see that as much at the college level so I think he'll shine even better there."

Is there any question about his eligibility?

"Well he hasn't been passed by the clearinghouse here, of course it is still early, but he's working really hard to get his GPA and ACT scores up. He knows what is at stake so he is beginning to really focus on all of that but he's still a work in progress from that standpoint."

How is his recruiting going? Does he have any favorites?

"It's going very well, he's just looking around right now and he's going around to watch spring games and things like that. His top teams are Texas A&M of course, Tennessee, LSU, and McNeese State as kind of a local option, if he chooses to go that route. Those are probably his four at the moment."

Is there any timetable on his decision?

"I can't really say that he has one, but I'm not sure. I know the school probably has to meet the approval of his mom, so she'll probably have to give the ‘ok' before anything happens, but you never know. He's got his eyes trained though, so if he sees what he wants he could make his decision soon."

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