Desoto Duel

Texas A&M may have been near the first movers on this chain of talent coming out of Desoto High School, but they stand to lose ground if they do not work hard to keep the pipeline open. Websider looks at the impressive talent in the school as well as what A&M can do and expect for the years to come.

Most Aggie fans will remember the days when each year it seemed that Lufkin High School was filled to the brim with college athletes and each year a good chunk of those recruits would end up wearing the maroon and white. For a team competing in a circle of cherry picking schools, a solid pipeline may be the best chance to pull in a handful of star caliber prospects. While Lufkin's heyday may have come and gone there is a new school in town: Desoto. The Aggies have started strong, but must work hard to continue the tradition of the seemingly endless recruits that are coming out of this small town school.

In 2007, the Aggies began the trend as they went and plucked two defenders from Desoto in Von Miller and Garrick Williams. While Garrick was at the time thought to be a likely candidate for wide receiver and an offensive standout, his weight room dedication combined with new head coach Mike Sherman's quest for speed brought him to linebacker, where he and Von have both started as underclassmen.

Then, as every pipeline must, the Aggies followed it up with another successful Desoto year in 2008 by signing running back Cyrus Gray and defensive lineman Tony Jerod-Eddie. Staying true to form, both contributed in the 2008 season immediately as freshman, and have been bright spots among the young talent at A&M.

It is obvious that whatever they are putting in the water in the small town outside of Dallas they are doing it well, and A&M now stands at a crucial juncture to maintaining this feeder school. After a quiet 2009, Desoto's 2010 senior class is absolutely loaded with talent. 7 prospects have already been identified as having serious Division 1 potential, with a few more that could get looks through their senior year.

Making things more urgent for A&M is Texas' increased presence with the school. They have already poached two of the top players from this class in cornerback Adrian White and wide receiver Darius Terrell, and are obviously keeping their eyes on the big names waiting in the class of 2011. Finishing off the class of 2010, Desoto features blue chip tackle Evan Washington, who the Aggies were surprisingly slow to offer, as well as linebacker Zachary Orr, running back/athlete Marcus Murphy, and defensive linemen Brandon Forge and Byron Hudson.

With A&M blanking on prospects in 2009 and so far in 2010, the test is on to continue the success in the region of Texas where A&M has had surprisingly little in the last decade. Since it seems Evan Washington may be a reach at this point, Sherman and company may want to take a stronger look at Brandon Forge, who could fit in nicely to the interior game. The reward? More attention from the stacked class of 2011 -- namely Marcus Hutchins, who started as a sophomore at left tackle. Also available would be receiver Antoine Jimmerson and quarterback Ryan Polite, who both have great potential.

Frankly, judging from the past and present results both at this school and the surrounding area, A&M cannot afford to miss out on need position guys such as Washington and Hutchins. Sherman, Cassidy, and crew are no doubt working to outmaneuver Mack Brown and the longhorns in this area, but may perhaps need to be willing to get risky with offers to ensure that the pipeline stays open. It will be an interesting year to see how this all unfolds.

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