Oyedeji Setting Up Summer Visits

With so many schools after this talented prospect, giving due diligence to each one could mean a full summer schedule for Tobi Oyedeji. Websider catches up with the recruit on which schools are included in his summer plans.

For Bellaire (TX) post man Tobi Oyedeji, it never hurt so good. The Top 100 national prospect is referring to his aching knees. The 6-foot-9, 215-pound blue chipper is on the move again and we're talking vertical as in getting taller. The aching knees are a sign that he's going through another significant growth spurt.

"I haven't measured myself in several months, but I'm definitely taller. I'm at least 6-foot-9 now," Oyedeji said. "I know I'm growing because my knees are aching which is great."

It's not just the growth spurt that is helping Oyedeji improve on the court. Between weekend AAU tournaments with the elite Houston Hoops program, the big man finds time to work out with John Lucas at his gym which has helped his skill set tremendously.

"I go workout with John Lucas all the time," Oyedeji said. "I go for the morning sessions with all the guards and I'm doing nothing but guard drills in the morning to help my footwork and improve the range on my shot. I can go out to the three-point line now."

Oyedeji realizes his future at the next level is down low, but he feels that the extra work in other facets of the game will make him a more versatile player that's harder to guard.

"If I get quick enough, I can play some wing, but I know my natural position is the No. 4," Oyedeji said. "But if I can face-up and hit mid-range shots, that will open up a lot of opportunities down low for me and my teammates."

As far as the recruiting process, Oyedeji is still sticking to his plan of visiting several schools this summer. His list of favorites includes Texas A&M, Arizona State, Baylor, UCLA, Georgia Tech, and Oklahoma. LSU has fallen off his list for now.

"I haven't been talking to LSU lately so I don't know what happened," Oyedeji said. "Baylor has been recruiting as hard as anybody and they are right there. UCLA has started recruiting me hard and I'm going to their summer camp on June 28."

Oyedeji also mentioned he's trying to coordinate a trip to Arizona State around his participation in the Amare Stoudamire Camp and he is also planning to attend Jeff Capel's summer camp in August.

"I like the Arizona State coaches and they e-mail my dad a lot," Oyedeji said. "I like how Oklahoma plays and I plan to go there for a camp in August."

So with all of these plans to visit several schools and new interest from a few new suitors, where does that leave longtime favorite Texas A&M?

"Oh, they are always up there a notch above everybody," Oyedeji said. "I have the closest relationship with the A&M coaches and the players. Plus, several guys I know well like Ray Turner and Kourtney Roberson are going there. Jamal (Branch) is also going there, so they have good players that I know coming in."

The Houston area product also plans to participate in Texas A&M's Elite Camp in early June. Between AAU tournaments across the nation and his planned visits, Oyedeji is in for a busy summer.

"Man, it's crazy. We fly out for these tournaments on Friday and we come back late Sunday. Then you have to get ready for school the next day," Oyedeji said. "It can wear on you, but it's fun."

Oyedeji indicated that after he finishes with summer camps and unofficial visits, he may have a decision at the end of the summer. The biggest factor in his decision will be the coaching staff's reputation and ability to develop his talent, as well as an up-tempo style of play.

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