Coach's Corner: Alfred Blue

It did not take long for Alfred Blue to go from unknown to recruiting heavyweight, and his name is being passed among recruiting circles following his change in graduation plans. Websider visits with his coach about the prospect.

What is Alfred's best attribute on the field?

"It's hard to say one thing, because he does a lot of things well. I guess for a bigger guy he's really versatile. When he sees a certain hole he can burst through, he can be our power runner, but he has the speed, vision, and moves to be able to weave his way through traffic as well. You can tell there is a lot of promise with the way he runs."

Why has he, until recently, been a relatively unknown player on the recruiting scene?

"Well the main reason is no one knew he was going to graduate next year. He came into the season as only a sophomore for us, and so most places hadn't really had him tabbed as a guy they were going to need to worry about for a while. Then, there has kind of been a scramble to go after him since he decided that was something that he could do. I think the response has kind of overwhelmed him."

As a sophomore, could you see him progress through the year?

"He made very big strides through the year. I think, and I don't remember specifically, but I think the first game we only stuck him in there a couple of times and he ended with negative yards rushing. I don't think he realized that he was as big as these guys and probably faster until a couple of games in. It was exciting to watch him grow and get better each game."

How are his off the field intangibles as a student athlete?

"Well obviously to be able to graduate in three years he is just a very smart, very driven individual. He really is a solid kid, and I know that is what a lot of schools are looking at because when you have such a young guy like this, there can be a lot of unknowns so it puts them at ease I think since he is such a great kid."

Has he matured physically or is he still growing?

"He's still growing. I think at the start of the season, he was 6'1" and maybe [175], and now I think he's added an inch and 25 or so pounds. I don't know how much more he's got in him, but he's still growing so far."

Describe Alfred's best play or best game.

"I don't know if I can single out a play, but his best game was probably against St. Amant high school. We needed a win then to clinch the playoffs, but we were behind at the half when Alfred basically took the game over for us. I think he had 300 something yards of rushing, and 3 second-half touchdowns, and it was really nice to see him come into his own and take over when the pressure was on. Once we had the lead they knew he was getting the ball and they still couldn't stop him."

How is his recruiting going?

"Oh it's definitely going. It seems like every team in the SEC is looking at him, as are some Louisiana schools like Tulane. Texas A&M is also on him pretty hard, so he's been looking at a lot of them. Right now he might get an invite to the game in San Antonio, and he needs to be on that team. Everyone needs to see what he can do."

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