Coach's Corner: DaMontre Moore

DaMontre Moore may just be starting to receive the attention he deserves, but this star is looking forward to joining the Maroon and White in the years to come. Websider visits with his coach to find out more about the prospect.

Describe Damontre as a player. What makes him stand out?

"The number one thing that makes him stand out when you are just out there looking at him is his size at the defensive end position. When he rears up he just looks bigger than everyone out there, and it is intimidating to the tackles and ends that block him."

What about his play makes him special?

"He really knows how to use his leverage to his advantage, and he is an athletic kid all-around. You look at his film and you think that he stands up too much coming out of his stance, but then you see the way he applies it to taking on a block and you take it back. He really uses every ounce of his body to make sure that he can get in there and make a play."

It seems Coach Sherman seems to be going after intelligent defenders. Does Damontre fit that mold?

"Absolutely. He is a standout here in the film room and in the classroom. He is like another coach out there on the field, and it ties into that leverage thing I was talking about. You can see his brain thinking about the situation and how best to get himself in the right position, and it really maximizes his potential."

How has his offseason gone?

"It has gone really well, he has really been focused on his speed lately, and he played basketball which helped and got him into running shape, and he's continued that after the season. He works really hard and we always see him after school getting his lifts or run in, so he's determined to get better and ready for next year."

What is the one thing you'd like to see him get better with?

"Probably his agility overall. When he stands up, sometimes he can't move laterally as fast as we'd like and we need to make sure he stays balanced through his moves. He has really nice top-end speed, I'd say he's an upper 4.6 kid, but if we can shorten his stride and bend his knees he'll be even more explosive."

Is there one thing you'd say he does particularly well?

"Well the best thing that he does well is that he does all things well. He doesn't have a true weak spot in his game. To answer your question though, I'd have to say him getting back and disrupting passers is where he's made his biggest mark so far. He's caused a lot of big plays for us and even in some games really gotten to the quarterback's head, which is a huge plus for us."

Is he still excited about A&M?

"Yes, for sure. I always see him wearing A&M gear, and I know when Coach Jordan was down here last the two really hit it off, and he has a good relationship with the coaches. I know he's met a lot of the players too and really feels comfortable, so he can't wait to get up there."

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