Coach's Corner: Garrett Gramling

One of the prospects who made the choice to play for the Maroon & White is offensive lineman commit Garrett Gramling. Aggie Websider visits with the coaches to get the evaluation from the people who know him most in this edition of Coach's Corner.

What is the best thing about how Garrett plays his position?

"For a big guy, the thing that makes him special is his feet and hands. You get a lot of kids his size and a lot of them won't be the most coordinated and will just try to bull everyone down, but Garrett does a great job at keeping his feet under him and using his hands to move his man. He's got that "rock back" posture when he blocks that is very textbook of what we try to do, and we point that out in the film room to others, so he is an example."

Is Garrett done growing, or do you think he's got more left in him?

"He may have a little more, but I'd say height wise he hasn't changed all that much recently. You never know though, because some guys will shoot up their senior year even though you though they were done. What he has done though is adjust his weight, the way he carries his weight now is light-years ahead of when he first came in, he's probably still in the 290 range but he just looks solid, he's got his weight on him right."

Does his experience running the spread lead him to be better at pass blocking?

"Kind of, it certainly makes him more experienced at it. We do a fair amount of running from our offense but it is mostly out of the spread, but I feel like that gives our guys advantages, since a lot of college offenses run the spread now, and I know Texas A&M, for him, ran it a lot this past year. In a way it just makes him more accountable over on the left side, since many times there isn't a back back there to help protect the quarterback, so he's got it on his own, and I think he's done well with that."

What's one thing he wants to and needs to work on to get ready for the next level?

"The experience run blocking is probably the biggest thing, especially from a three-point stance. He'll be running multiple things at the next level, so the more he can practice those situations the better. Other than that though he has a really good all-around game, and he should be ready to go as long as he keeps getting stronger and working hard."

Will he get the chance to work on those things though?

"[Laughs] Well, maybe not as much as he'd like, but he gets some every game and the more he does the better. We also go over that stuff in practice and did some in the spring, but he's a smart kid so he picks everything up quick."

Do you see him as a quick impact guy or a redshirt guy?

"It just depends. I know A&M was really excited to get him, and they said they couldn't wait for him to get there, and I know he likes it because he sees it as a place to get some early playing time, but as far as a redshirt, I would say it would benefit him just because there is really no reason not to. That's not saying he couldn't come in and help the team right away, it just depends on if they need him."

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