Coach's Corner: LeKendrick Williams

Perhaps one of the overlooked commits to Texas A&M thus far, LeKendrick Williams is out to show everyone why he earned an early offer from the Aggies. Websider visits with Coach Blacklock from Sharpstown High School about LeKendrick's game and what he's been up to since the season.

What makes LeKendrick stand out at the corner back position?

"Speed man, definitely speed. He is so quick, and you don't get to see it all of the time because his other strength is awareness. Most of the time he is in a good position, and he doesn't even have to turn it to that other gear to find the football, but his speed is what sets him apart. He is always making plays, he knows where he is and where the ball is at all times, and he just knows how to find the football."

At corner, did he face mainly passing teams or running teams, and does he have a specialty towards coming up and getting the ball, or staying in coverage?

"I would say he's gifted in both. We played a lot of passing teams in the preseason, but once we got to district most of the teams were primarily running teams. He does whatever needs to be done on that play, and he hasn't really shown a weakness on either, so I would say he's balanced."

LaKendrick seems to be building a reputation for his return game. What are your thoughts on it?

"It's amazing, he's just really special. Ever since he was a freshmen – when he was a freshman we had put him up on J.V. – and ever since then he's been doing stuff like that. He's got that ability to see where the holes are going to be and when you watch him, you don't think his moves even work but then he gets through. It is really special."

Does he ever get compared to another Aggie great, Dante Hall?

"(Laughs) Yes, we've had that conversation before. I'm not sure he's as fast as Dante was yet, LeKendrick is an upper 4.4 guy and I don't know how fast Dante was, but it looks similar for sure."

Is he growing anymore or is he done?

"I'd give him maybe another inch. He's only seventeen, so I'd max him out at 5'9" or 5'10" when he's through."

What has he been working on this summer? Did Sherman give him an area of focus?

"Yeah he did. When Sherman was here, he told him ‘I want you to do one thing. I want you to get buff." And that's what he's been doing. He is in the weight room religiously, in fact one of our coaches walked by the other day and hadn't seen him in a while, and when he saw him he just went, ‘wow'. He looks ripped, he's really taken it to heart."

How excited is he to come to A&M?

"He's very excited, it really means a lot to him because I think for him he's been counted out a lot when he was younger, because he's a smaller guy, and I think that has built into a huge desire to show that he belongs with the best. That goes a lot into why his work ethic is so strong and how he handles his school work, he has great grades. That also shows how happy he is to be heading to A&M. He'll go up there and prove himself, because that's just who he is."

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