LeKendrick Shows His Stuff

Coming in at 5'8", Lekendrick may not be the first guy you think of when you think "immediate impact player" in the class of 2010, but Williams sees it differently. With his new video and attitude, he may begin to convince fans of that as well.

LeKendrick is tired of being overlooked. Not just literally, as he is decently smaller than most of the receivers he guards, but also as far as the thought that he can compete with the best.

"I'm ready," Lekendrick told us, "I'm ready to get up there and show them what I can do. I have been working really hard, especially since I've known I was going to A&M, and I'm excited to be able to go up there and show my stuff."

In some ways, he's already showing it. Williams and his coach told us he, along with his friend, is putting together a series of highlight videos, with the total length being around twenty minutes. The first part of the series, which he gave us, is around seven.

"I just got done adding the music and everything," Lekendrick said. "We're still getting everything together, and then we'll have it all up."

While many athletes would find it hard to put together enough film for his first seven minutes, much less twenty, LeKendrick says it was easy. Perhaps that is because he gets to showcase his talents in a variety of ways. Not only is he showcasing his skills at corner, but his special teams game is fully featured as well.

Some skeptics of his ability have said that his game may not translate well to the college level due to his small stature, but LeKendrick vehemently disagrees.

"You know some people look at it like it's a bad thing, but if you play it smart it can be a good thing," he said. "For example, if a quarterback can see more of a receiver he thinks he's more open, even if I'm right on him. I just have to time the ball right and I can be as tall as anyone."

While the 6'5"+ receivers of the Big 12 could definitely give him some problems, he places this video as proof that it will be no sweat.

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