Coach's Corner: Jeremy Adams

One of the latecomers to the Aggie basketball class was Jeremy Adams. Once a virtual unknown among high major basketball coaches, this senior blew up the charts after an impressive season that earned him all-state honors. Websider gets the latest on this edition of Coach's Corner.

What was it like having all of this attention come all at once for Jeremy?

"Those were some pretty crazy times, because it was like a snowball effect, it happened so fast and it seemed like every day there was someone else interested. It was a really good thing to see happen, because he had gotten some attention before but he decided to wait and see what else was out there, and it is a good thing he did. It really worked out for him."

Had you known all along that he was a player deserving of that level of attention, or did he really turn up his game and surprise you?

"I think he was always this good, people have been following him since he was in junior high, but it didn't really have a chance to come out until this year. Early on we lost one of our players to injury, our point guard, so he had to step in and become the leader of the team, and that helped his game a lot."

How did that help his game, is he more suited for point guard?

"Well not really, he can play all the guard positions equally well, but it forced him to attack more. Jeremy's best attribute is as a pure scorer, and so being the focal point put him in a position to attack and score more often."

What is his specialty: threes, driving, passing, defense, or something else?

"He's good at all of those, but he's the best at taking whatever the defense gives him offensively. He'll knock down a couple of threes and then when the defenders start getting too close he'll blow by them. He does a lot of things well."

It seems like he had a few monster games. What was the difference in those games?

"He was just feeling it. Everything, the pressure, the close games, for whatever reason you could just tell early on in each one that he was going to take it over. I believe he had 43 points twice this year – that was his high – and in both occasions we won the game, he was not going to let us lose."

How was the competition he faced, and how did the team respond to his rise in play?

"The competition was pretty tough, but the team responded well to him. Actually here we really needed a leader like him. We have a young team; we have a lot of talented guys here for the 2011 class and everything but they needed a leader, and Jeremy gave them that. Still though, we played some good teams this year and play in a tough district. Our record probably reflects that, but it is even more credit to the job Jeremy did this year."

So what has he been up to since the season? Is he working hard?

"He's really dedicated. He's been concentrating on his workouts; he's trying to get bigger and stronger for the coaches down at A&M. One thing about Jeremy, he is a great person. He comes from a great family, he takes care of himself in the classroom and stays out of trouble, so it is no surprise to see him still working this hard to get ready for college."

Do you see Jeremy's game translating well to the college level?

"Oh yeah. When you can score like him… you can just tell that he's got that instinct that's needed to do it. As long as he keeps the aggressive mindset, because that is when he plays his best. I'm sad to lose him, but Texas A&M is getting a great one."

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