Catching Up with Kenric McNeal

Kenric "the real deal" McNeal spoke to Aggie Websider's Taylor Hamm about his upcoming move to Aggieland and gets an inside look into Kenric's life.

Kenric "the real deal" McNeal is one of the most talented recruits in Mike Sherman's 2009 class. The Spring stand out has big expectations about his inaugural season in Aggieland and his enthusiasm is second to none.

"I can't wait to get up to College Station and get to work."

McNeal has some big shoes to fill if he expects to play at the level the last "real deal" McNeal did at Kyle Field on Saturdays, but Kenric wants to make it clear that he is his own person.

"Reggie and I have a lot of similar attributes. We are play makers first and foremost. I've had that nickname since 7th grade. I wasn't trying to steal it from him or anything, I ‘m just proud to be put in the same category as one of the best players to ever put on an Aggie uniform."

Kenric's off-season workouts include studying the play book Coach Cromwell has sent him. It also includes a personal regiment on top of Coach Kennedy's program 6 days a week.

"My off-season has been very productive. My coaches clocked my 40 time at a 4.38 last week."

Just like every freshman coming in, McNeal's goal is to start. He feels his strengths include the ability to read the defense and put distance between himself and the defensive back.

"The coaches don't want me to red shirt. I just want to play. I don't care if its linebacker, punter, tight end, whatever, I just want to play. Whatever gets me on the field I will do."

Kenric has always wanted to be an aggie. Texas A&M was the first school to offer him a scholarship and it was the only school he entertained.

"The tradition at A&M is second to none. I followed Coach Sherman's career growing up and I know if I want to play at the next level Texas A&M is a place that will put me in the position to do that. With all the NFL experience on our staff why wouldn't anyone want to be around that? I watch Sports Center; I saw how players like Graham Harrell didn't even get drafted after the numbers he put up. That right there says a lot about Texas A&M and their program."

McNeal said the A&M coaches made a huge impact on his recruiting. Coaches like Malone, Cromwell, Sherman, and personally for Kenric, Coach Wyatt made strides to go out of his way to get to know Kenric personally.

June 12th is Kenric McNeal's scheduled move to College Station. He doesn't know who he is rooming with just yet but he isn't worried about that.

"They haven't told us who we are rooming with yet or me at least. Jerrod and Jeff (Fuller) really showed me a good time when I came up there and I have been in contact with them over the spring.

Kenric has moved from quarterback to receiver, receiver to quarterback, and now he is making the transition back to receiver at A&M.

"The coaches want me at outside receiver. That's where I feel most comfortable at. I am a play maker at receiver. My speed is a real threat and I want to exploit that come fall camp."

Kenric's father was a huge role model for him growing up and has always been a Texas A&M fan growing up.

"My dad used to always talk about A&M growing up. He talked about the tradition, the academics, and prestige the school had and he was right. My first visit was everything he described. Missouri and Oregon tried to sway me late but it was always A&M. A&M was my first and only choice."

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