2012 Prospect Shines at Elite Camp

D.J. Griggs is one of the top 2012 point guards in the country. Aggie Websider's Taylor Hamm talked to Griggs about his experience at Texas A&M's Elite Camp.

D.J. Griggs is one of the top 2012 basketball recruits in the country and this past weekend he shined at Texas A&M's Elite basketball camp. Head Coach Mark Turgeon has Griggs on the top of his list of prospects. Griggs spoke to Aggie Websider's Taylor Hamm about his experience in Aggieland.

"I had a great time. I love A&M. Their facilities are by far the best in the country. Actually other schools that I have talked to told me they visit A&M just to see their facilities because they want to imitate them. I've toured the campus at least 5 times with Coach Turgeon. I love how it's spread out and not crowded. They (A&M) did a great job setting up the camp and I learned a lot. I liked how it wasn't setup with us just playing game after game. The drill work helped my overall skills and this something no other camp I visited had as a feature."

Griggs is very intelligent. He currently has a 3.4GPA and was moved up a grade when he was in middle school.

"Academics are very important to me. I want to go to a school that has good tutoring services because I want to make sure that I am a good student first and foremost. Texas A&M's facilities are exactly what I am looking for. I don't even need to leave the arena because everything is there for you."

Griggs is only 15 years old with an amazing upside. This might seem like something that might hinder Griggs, but he feels like he can compete with the big boys.

"My age doesn't bother me. I know I can play with the elite players in the country. When my Dad and I discussed whether or not I should be held back, I told him not to because I knew I could more than hold my own against the kids in my class and above."

You wouldn't know it by looking at him but Griggs is very strong for his height and weight which is 6'0 150lbs.

"Yea people I play against are surprised by my strength. I can bench 190lbs and I squat 245 easy."

Griggs likes to be aggressive on offense but also likes to distribute the ball and get his teammates involved.

"I have great court vision. Aggressive is how I would describe my play but I also like to play both sides of the ball, meaning tough defense as well."

D.J. already holds offers from Oklahoma State and Texas A&M. He also expects to receive offers from Texas, Kentucky and Memphis very soon.

"My top 5 right now would be Texas, Memphis, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and Baylor."

Griggs has plans to attend a handful of camps coming up soon including; Adidas Junior Phenom 150, Reebok Underclassman, Nike Hoops Jamboree, and the Kansas City Elite Tournament.

Griggs wants to make sure he is in the right system before he commits to a school.

"I like up-tempo play. I want to be able to move the ball up the court quick because that's when I can score and dish the ball out to my teammates. I don't want to sit. I want to come in and start as a freshman. The school I choose can't have someone good ahead of me. I still want to work hard but I don't want to sit for 4 years and not play. So that's a big factor.

"I feel like I would fit in real good at A&M. The staff, players, facilities, and system is what I am looking for."

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