Askew Narrows His Choices Down to Two

Nate Askew narrowed his list of schools down to two schools. This past weekend he visited one of these schools. Find out what he thinks about A&M and much more...

Nate Askew is a main target for Texas A&M and recently he narrowed his list of schools down to Texas A&M and Oklahoma State.

This past weekend he took an un-official visit to Stillwater, Oklahoma and toured the campus and players dorms.

"Oh yea this weekend defiantly changed things for me. I have the opportunity to be their main threat out wide next year.I didn't think I needed to go to the camp. I just wanted to lay low and not deal with any competition."

Askew did not attend the OSU football camp but he did speak to the coaches and hung out with the players.

"The coaches (OSU) showed me some film and told me where I would fit in their system. I liked what I heard."

As for facilities, Oklahoma States facilities amazed Nate on his visit.

"Oklahoma States facilties blew A&M's out of the water."

One main concern Askew has about A&M is coach Sherman's tenure.

"I don't want to go through a coaching change. Coach Sherman has been an NFL coach and has a pro coach state of mind. He could change his mind and go back the pros."

Nate's decision is mainly based on the system he is going to play in.

"The reason I didn't consider a school like Texas Tech is because they play in an imaginary offense. You can throw the ball 100 times a game but it doesn't prepare you for the next level. I want to play in the NFL. A&M is up and coming, whereas Oklahoma State is already there. I need to decide if I want to play for a team that is rebuilding or is already established. Its a tough decision."

Askew plans on sitting down with his parents in the coming days and hopefully make a decision before fall camp starts. As for Texas A&M and their chances with Askew, the Aggies are still in the hunt.

"I love Texas A&M. I love College Station. I want to play early and A&M would provide me with that opportunity. Coach Sherman and I have been in contact and I want to get back on campus soon. I am going to talk to both schools before I make a decision. "

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