Luke Joeckel to enroll early at A&M

Aggie Websider's Taylor Hamm spoke to Luke Joeckel about his decision to enroll early at Texas A&M...

Luke Joeckel recently decided to enroll early at Texas A&M in the Spring of 2010.

"I've decided to take a bunch of summer school classes so I can get to A&M for spring ball. I really want to start as a true freshman."

Luke spoke to coach Turner, the A&M offensive line coach, about his decision and Turner was thrilled about Luke's decision.

"Yea Coach Turner thinks I can start as a freshman. He gave me a list of things to improve on my senior season and I am confident I can get where he wants me to be."

Luke wants to improve his strength and technique before getting to A&M in the spring.

"Morning workouts start at 6am, and I see a trainer 3 times a week. I want to be the most dominating player on the field my senior year. I want to destroy everyone out there."

Luke Joeckel has the opportunity to make a tremendous impact his freshman year. With hard work and dedication he will have the opportunity to achieve this goal. He believes in the A&M coaching staff and the recruiting classes Mike Sherman has been able to acquire over the past year and a half.

"Coach Sherman has a great recruiting class coming in and my class is shaping up to be a stellar group. I have no doubt Sherman is going to win and turn it around."

Luke will be attending the A&M lineman camp next month and the combine two days later.

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