Abron Showing Off Skills

Devonta Abron is emerging as a top player in Texas in the 2011 junior class, and he's catching the eye of many coaches

As senior leaders, Dallas Seagoville alums Donald Sloan and Derrick Roland will play an important role in the success of the Texas A&M basketball program in 2009-2010. Three years ago, Billy Gillispie was still trying to establish the Aggies as a legitimate recruiting presence in the state, and landing these two highly-rated guards at the time was a watershed moment for the program in terms of re-establishing the state's recruiting pipeline.

Four NCAA Tournament berths later, the A&M program is one of the best in the country and while the staff is looking across the nation for the best talent, they are still focusing on prospects in the lone star state. For 2011, the Aggies may go back to Dallas Seagoville where another prospect is blossoming on the hard court as he enters his junior season. 6-foot-7, 215-pound forward Devonte Abron is emerging as a top player in Texas in the junior class, and he's catching the eye of many coaches as he participates with the Dallas Mustangs on the AAU circuit. The athletic big man took his game to the A&M Elite camp earlier in June and he impressed observers and other players. Texas A&M also impressed him.

"We got to play in the new facilities and they are very nice," Abron said. "I liked he players and coaches working the camp. I met Coach Turgeon on a previous visit to A&M. He's a good coach who gets down to business and works hard to develop his players. I'm a type of player that can thrive in that environment."

Abron was pleased with his performance against some of the best big men in the country who were participating in the camp as well, many of them older than the junior-to-be.

"I thought I did pretty good. I've learned that my strength is my aggressiveness around the basket and doing what it takes in the paint," Abron said. "I can step out and shoot a jump shot once in a while, but I know my game is using my athleticism and being aggressive near the basket." Asked who his toughest competition was during the two-camp, the Dallas product didn't hesitate with his answer.

"Tobi (Oyedeji) was the toughest match-up out there," Abron said. "He's the only one that can match my aggressiveness. He's a tough one to play against. He simply won't let you do what you want to do. He has skills too."

Abron doesn't plan to attend any other elite camps this summer, but will be busy playing on the AAU circuit with the Mustangs with trips to the Great American Shootout (Denton), a trip to Las Vegas in late July, and also a trip to Philadelphia for the ABCD Camp in July as well. Abron is already getting attention from schools such as Wichita State, Alabama, TCU, Florida International, and Texas A&M. He hopes to make a decision sometime during his junior season.

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