Spotlight on 2011 QB Preston Dewey

Austin (TX) Westlake 2011 quarterback Preston Dewey is receiving heavy interest from a plethora of schools, one of which is Texas A&M...Websider's Paul Wargo spoke with Dewey, read what Preston had to say in the Tailgate

With many prospects being in the full swing of recruiting by the end of their sophomore years, it came as no surprise that Austin (TX) Westlake 2011 quarterback Preston Dewey is receiving heavy interest from a number of schools, one of which is Texas A&M.

Saturday afternoon, Mike Sherman and his staff hosted several of the states top athletes for their junior day, and, though not starting as a sophomore, Dewey was in attendance. "I had a 1 on 1 with Coach Rossley on Saturday; he is a great coach with a ton of NFL experience. He said there are a handful of qbs in my class that they like, including me. They will be keeping track of all of us during the season. With Coach Rossley, Coach Sherman and Coach Cromwell, what quarterback wouldn't want to play in this offense."

In addition, Dewey attended A&M's one day mini camp on Sunday. "It was a big camp with a lot of talented guys. Overall everything went well for me. I thought everybody in my group was really good. I like Showers a lot, and Joeckel and Honeycutt impressed me as well. It is always good to see how you stack up against the best and see what you need to do to get better." Camp observers report that Dewey's footwork, accuracy and arm strength were among the best at the entire camp, not just the 2011 qbs. "I am working to get bigger and stronger over the summer. Our team is working out for two hours every morning at 7:00 as a group, getting ready for the season. We can't wait to get started".

This year, Dewey will again play alongside senior Westlake quarterback Tanner Price, a strong-armed southpaw committed to play at Wake Forest . Dewey expects to get roughly a third of the snaps, yet has set a pretty lofty goal for the season. "I want to keep improving, play well enough to put a good tape together, and get colleges' attention. As far as the team, I just want to help us win state any way we can. I really think we can do it. We have a new offense, a great new coaching staff, talented leadership, and everyone is excited."

Westlake has a tradition of producing D1 quarterbacks, including Drew Brees, Nick Foles, Adam Hall, and others.

Preston 's father, Mike Dewey, played his college football at A&M as a deep snapper in the late 70's. Preston would love to follow in his father's footsteps but has set up a basic top five going into his junior year, "A&M is number one, besides that I have Mississippi State, Baylor, TCU, and SMU."

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