Team Websider New Mexico Game Predictions

It's the start of another Aggie football season and that can only mean on thing - Team Websider game Predictions. Taylor Hamm, Paul Wargo, David Sandhop, and the impeccable Rock1Aggie have taken the mantle of Team Websider and will work hard to give you the best score predictions on the Internet

The start of a new season is here and that means it's time for the weekly football tradition known as Team Websider Football Predictions, a collection of the greatest prognosticators on the Internet. Well, that sounds good anyway. Our own Rock1Aggie has agreed to join this esteemed expert staff to provide our usual insightful and accurate predictions. The team seems to all believe that the Aggies should handle an inexperienced defense with a new coach and a new offensive system.


Texas A&M 41 New Mexico 14

Texas A&M will use their opening game to get some continuity and confidence in their offense. New Mexico will have a very difficult year going through a coaching transition. They've run the same schemes for 11 years under Rocky Long and change is painful.. They just do not have the athletes and depth along the OL/DL to stay with the Aggies. The OL was recruited to run a completely different offense. It's like getting the 2007 A&M OL to block for the spread. None of the starters on New Mexico's DL were starters last year. All played very minimal time other than Gardner who is a JUCO transfer. Only one LB (McPeek) started last year ( and he did not start against A&M). He will struggle against the speed of A&M. The secondary has the most experience returning two starters. It will be tough on them with the lack of experience on the DL to pressure Johnson.

Taylor Hamm

Texas A&M 31 New Mexico 10

Mike Sherman and his staff have spent all summer and fall scouting New Mexico and the Ags take advantage of the new Lobo staff. This 2009 Aggie team comes out with a chip on their shoulder to put a convincing defeat on New Mexico. Backed by the 12thMan, the defense disrupts the Lobo spread offense and Von Miller backs up his hype. Jerrod Johnson does a solid job leading the Ags down the field, while the runningbacks and fish receivers do their part. The Aggies blow out New Mexico in their home opener.

Paul Wargo

Texas A&M 41 New Mexico 24

The Aggies will come out at home with a chip on their shoulder and Jerrod Johnson's budding connections with several wide receivers along with A&M's stout backfield will prove too much for the Lobos. A&M's defense will have its troubles but will win the game in the 3rd quarter.

David Sandhop

Texas A&M 42 New Mexico 21

The Aggies are better this year and this game is at home. A&M won on the road last year despite Jerrod Johnson forced to play his first meaningful minutes of his collegiate career. On top of that, the Lobos are breaking in a new head coach and a new spread offense. New staff, new offense, and the first game on the road at noisy Kyle Field. That's not a good combination for New Mexico. To make matters worse, the defense returns only three starters and is breaking in a new defensive line. Ags win comfortably by 2-3 touchdowns.

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