A New Look For McCoy

Is there a more versatile player on the A&M roster than Jamie McCoy? Another first came for the senior out of Midland this past Saturday when he took his first handoff in Maroon & White. Websider's Taylor Hamm takes a closer look at McCoy's career and his new look at fullback.

Is there a more versatile player on the A&M roster than Jamie McCoy? McCoy started out his Aggie career at quarterback, moved to receiver where he struggled to keep his weight down, and was finally moved to tightend his junior season where he has since flourished. Another first came for the senior out of Midland this past Saturday when he took his first handoff in Maroon & White. Jamie once again showed his dedication to winning when he lined up at fullback on Saturday against the Cowboys.

"They told me they had a running play for me and everyone was kind of laughing about it and they thought it was a joke. We actually got out there and the first time we ran through it I just kind of joked around, I didn't think they were serious. They told me that they needed me to carry the ball on that play and make sure I didn't drop it. It was fun."

Randy Jordan, the Aggie runningback coach, has been working with McCoy on his footwork during drills in practice. His debut in the backfield was productive, carrying the ball 4 times for 24 yards. "They [coaches] told me whenever I run it, just try to get 4. As long as I get 4, I'm happy with that", said McCoy.

The A&M coaching staff wants to keep the defenses guessing at all times. It shouldn't be that surprising to see McCoy at fullback with the weight he has put on over the past three years. McCoy came to A&M weighing 190 pounds and is currently up to 240 pounds. The whopping 50 pounds of weight Jamie has acquired along with his improved blocking ability sets up well for him in the backfield.

"I think the main thing was coach K and his strength program, everything we went through in the off season, and then all of the summer work outs. Last year I went against the D-ends and I couldn't get any push or anything like that, but now pass blocking and everything is coming easier and the game is slowing down for me."

Jamie has had prior experience running the ball. He rushed for 68 yards and scored his first career touchdown on a 35-yard run against Louisiana Tech his freshman year. Coach Sherman knows McCoy is a playmaker when he has the ball in his hands.

"You know, it's typical. If a guy practices well, and starts doing more, and shows an inclination to be a playmaker, you want to get the ball in their hands as much as possible. As we've gone through this process, from when we first started, I think Howard Morrow has made tremendous gains from not only last year to this year, but from the camp to where we are right now. We're trying to get Howard more balls. It's the same thing with Jamie McCoy. He has really elevated his game. He's practicing much better and at a higher level. The more they demonstrate the inclination to be great competitors and to be someone who can do something with the ball in their hands, we're going to find ways to get it to them. There was one simple way. Out of that formation, we've run a lot of toss with him as the lead blocker and try to get him running. So when he takes an open step to get him running, then we hand him the ball. He had a couple of nice runs. I was real pleased with him."

The fact that Jamie is getting playing time at fullback shows that the team is very weak at that position. At the moment, McCoy is the best option at this position and Coach Sherman alluded to this on Monday: "I would say Jamie McCoy wouldn't call himself a fullback. He's still a tight end playing in the backfield right now. But for all intents and purposes, I would have to agree he is the best we have at that position."

Coach Sherman feels Jamie has shown significant improvement in his blocking ability, and this attributes to his move to fullback.

"He's one of our best blockers. He has really done a great job with his hands. We do that board drill before practice on Tuesdays, and for the most part he wins those. In the games he has done a nice job. He's very good with his hands; he has excellent feet and balance. I always say he has become a very proficient blocker."

Jerrod Johnson understands how versatile and athletic Jamie is on the field and the abilities he has to contribute at numerous positions. Jerrod has moved to receiver before and understands what it takes to win. The decision to move McCoy to fullback didn't surprise the starting quarterback.

"The first time we did it in practice I didn't know how well it was going to go, but Jamie can play a lot of positions on the field. You know he is an ex-quarterback so he understands everything, he understands where my mesh point is going to be handing the ball off. He is a heck of an athlete and very versatile for us, and going to be even more as the year goes on. I'm definitely happy to have Jamie on our side. "

Jerrod was not surprised that the call to run Jamie came more than once on Saturday.

"It's one of the plays coach has been talking about all week. We can get a lot of things off that formation. I don't think we ran him out of the fullback position all year. It just gives the defense another thing to game plan for."

McCoy will be called on again to run and pass block. He feels he graded out well:

"I had to come in pass block on the D-End a couple of times and we ran power a couple of times out of the fullback set. I would say I did a good job on all of my fullback assignments. If Coach Sherman calls it again, I'll be ready."

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