One-On-One with Matt Moss

Matt Moss has been a bright spot for the Aggie defense so far in 2009. Websider's Taylor Hamm sat down with Matt on Monday for an exclusive interview. Read the transcribed interview in the tailgate!

Matt Moss

What happened out there on Saturday? Did Kansas State do something different to throw you guys off your game?

"It's not like we didn't have a good week of preparation; I think we had a great week of preparation. I think coach said we had a great Thursday practice and we had a real physical Tuesday and Wednesday practice. Watching the film we didn't execute, simple errors on our part on defense. We just didn't execute what we had been coached to do. It's kind of a bummer just watching it because there was just simple things we could have gotten done but we didn't. Coach Kines did a great job preparing us for their power game and what they were going to do. We just didn't execute what we were coached."

What did Coach Sherman say to you guys during half time and are you guys still hungry for your first Big 12 win?

"We are real hungry. Coach Sherman said it was a character check and if you didn't want to win, then you got to get everything together and want to win. I think our team wants to win and I think we will win. "

How were the pregame routines and warm-ups before the game? Do you think having 18 true freshman on the road for the first time attributed to what happened?

"I don't think so because I think coach Sherman is not going to put anybody on the field that isn't mature enough to play and aren't going to be able to handle everything. Our freshman have been doing a great job handling anything that they have been given. If they want to call it adversity, whatever they want to call it, I think they have done a great job. Steven Campbell, I know he came in for the Oklahoma State game, he did a great job. Everyone wants to say we are young, but our young guys are mature. You got to remember they are 17-18, but I really think they are mature for their age. They are playing against guys that are 21-22, but they are mature for 17-18 year old guys. I am really proud of the freshman on how they have stepped up and come through with just getting here in June or July. I'm really proud of the kids that have played so far. I'm really proud of Nealy, he's going to be a fantastic player coming up through his next years and he matures into an adult. Body wise he is getting bigger and stronger, I think he is going to be a great kid."

Did the weather play a factor on Saturday?

"Not going to lie, it was cold, but as a player you can't let that effect you with your game. Coach has words for us as Aggie football players, one of them is mental toughness. So, I believe that you have to have the mental toughness to get past the cold and you can make it as cold as you want to. I don't think any of our teammates are going to use that as a way to scapegoat out of it. We just got to get better this week. We know that Texas Tech is a really big game coming this next week. We did really well with them last year, even though we did lose, we still hung with them. I think that is what we are really looking forward to, is getting after it. We have a practice today and after looking at the film we are looking to get past it. Fix what we need to fix, and as a team and as a defense we are looking forward to doing well against another Top 25 team."

As a leader, what do you say to the young guys to keep them rallied?

"As a leader on our defense, me and Jordan have to make sure that the guys don't get down. We have a lot of ball left, we just got done with our half game point. Season is not over yet, coach keeps saying that the season is not over yet. You can still do something big and we want to do something big. We have a lot of goals and opportunities left in our season and we are really looking forward to getting after that. They know it as well, they are hungry, too. They are coming in and all they know is winning and a lot of them signed up here to win Championships. That's what we need to do. With this week of practice we are going to look forward to getting after it."

What do you feel like you need to improve on during these next 6 games to move on from KSU?

"You can't really put it past you. When we watched the film this morning, we saw what we did wrong. There were really good things, there were some plays when you look at them we did really well. We fit up the power really well. If anything, we need to be more consistent with that and just work on the simple little things. The alignment could be one of them, just little things we need to get done. I think we will get them done. Coach Sherman talked to us this morning and we just didn't execute what we are coached. With a good week of practice it is going to help us with a big team like Texas Tech coming up. Texas Tech is a big passing team, we know what they are going to do. Guys that have played them last year, they still do the same thing. They are going to throw the ball and we are going to execute what the coaches give us in the game plan."

What in the Texas Tech offense scares you the most? What makes you think you can slow them down?

"We haven't received a game plan yet, we should get it this afternoon. I know with last year, we tried to get enough pressure on the quarterback with just our down front linemen without blitzing to leave the guys in the coverage. I don't know what coach Kines is going to do, but whatever he does, I know as a D-Lineman as a whole we need to get after this QB and make our presence felt. Having Von as the nation sack leader, you know he is hungry. Me, Lucas, Tony, Eddie, all of us are really going to try and get after this quarterback and disrupt him. Make the lives of our corners and safeties and linebackers a little bit easier because they are going to have to cover them and be running with them. If the quarterback is sitting back there long enough they are going to break off into another route. We need to nail him so they don't break off and be running around playing backyard ball. "

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