One-On-One with Garrick Williams

Garrick Williams was thrown into the A&M defense last year as a redshirt freshman but has quickly grown into a dominant force at linebacker. Websider's Taylor Hamm sat down with Garrick for an exclusive interview. Read the transcribed interview in the tailgate!

What did it mean to get a signature win like this against Tech?

"You know what, this win was very big for us. All week we have been preparing for it, doing everything right. We knew we had to stack practices, which we did, and we knew we had to come out and play. We stacked practices last week for Kansas State but for some reason something happened between that and game time but this week we can capitalize on it."

With Texas Tech's offense being as prolific as it is, what did you guys do different this week?

"I think it was the coaches. They spend their time creating good game plans. This game plan made us think that Texas Tech won't have anywhere to throw the ball. Coach Kines was telling me as long as I hold my coverage, good things will happen. That's what I did when I caught that interception."

Talk about that interception.

"It started with the D-Line. Coach was emphasizing that you don't necessarily have to sack the quarterback but you need him to be moving around in the pocket. So it started there and then the backside linebackers, corners, and safties were holding coverage. He thought he had somebody open to the field and that's when I came in and made the play."

What did it mean to you to get your first interception of the year?

"It was too exciting. I think that my teammates were more excited for me than I was for myself."

After the game, what did it feel like to celebrate in that stadium in front of the Aggie faithful?

"It really meant something very close to me because we went to Lubbock and you hear about their fans. Their fans aren't really too good or whatever, but we had the Aggies and the band. As the game progressed, you could pick the Aggies out of the crowd. It wasn't like playing at Kyle Field, but it was different versus any other away game. It didn't really feel like an away game that much. Once we started winning, I'm telling you, that was the most silent stadium I have ever been in my life. Once we started winning, there was no talking, no nothing. They were like, ‘What do I do?' and that was a good feeling."

How do you guys keep that confidence moving into Iowa State?

"We just have to keep working, great preparation. We have to start by stacking the practice, which starts today, and execute on Saturday."

How did it feel to come home and have about 400-500 Aggie fans waiting to greet you after the game?

"That really surprised me. When we were coming down the streets, I saw a lot of cars in the street and parking lot. I was like, ‘is there an event or something?', and then we pulled up and I saw all of the Aggie fans waiting and it really made my heart smile."

How are you feeling in your position on the Defense and as a leader on the field?

"Playing linebacker has really become secondhand to me. I don't really have to think anymore. It's just last year I was really hesitant and no one plays good when they are hesitant. Right now, coaches said I have the confidence in me. It's about going out there and executing."

How do you guys prepare for an Iowa State team that likes to run the ball?

"Every week our coaches talk about stopping the run, just like Tech. Even though Tech is a passing team, we were focused on stopping the run. Once you stop the run on a team, that makes them one dimensional. I'm sure the coaches have an excellent game plan for us going into Saturday's game."

I heard Coach Sherman showed the team the rumble in the jungle match between Ali and Foreman. How did that help you guys get motivated for the game?

"I think the whole message was good things happen when you keep fighting. He did show us the fight, and Ali is the aging superstar and George Foreman was the young man that was knocking everyone out. Even though everyone doubted Ali, he had fire in him and took him out the fight. When he knocked Foreman out, he didn't get back up. He was also stressing that later in his life George Foreman was put in the same situation when he went to fight some other dude for the Heavy Weight Championship. He kept fighting and hit him with one punch and that changed everything."

Do you guys have more of a swagger on Defense after the victory against Tech?

"I think we have always had a little swagger. This game will probably make us a lot more confident."

You're real good friends with Sean Porter, what did he tell you that happened on the play where he was flagged for a personal foul?

"Sean is my roommate and one of my good friends. I asked him on the sideline what happened and he was like, ‘After the play, one of the Tech guys was beating my helmet on the ground.' He got up and just lost his mind because I think it's just instinct. I know you have to control yourself in a situation like that, but I think that was instinct."

What are some things you feel you need to work on to excel your game to an even higher level?

"I need to read better. I need to sit and wait and see what to do before I react. Sometimes I can get a fast read on the run and that will affect my pass coverage. I think that is the one thing I need to work on."

What did the coaches do specifically to get you guys to play like you did?

"They broke down all of Texas Tech's base routes. They made us watch film and take notes. They let us know what happens when #3 is on the ball, what happens if #17 is lined up over here. It was a very good set game plan and I think we came out and executed it effectively. "

Did that make you guys more confident?

"We had 5 days to prepare but it felt like we were preparing for 6 weeks for the game with the information that they gave us."

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