One-On-One with Evan Eike

Evan Eike has solidified his spot on the offensive line after his stellar performance against Texas Tech. Websider's Taylor Hamm sat down with Evan for an exclusive interview. Read the transcribed interview in the tailgate!

Evan Eike

What did it mean to you and the team to get a victory over Tech?

"It was a big game for us, after last week we were at a point where we either going to go into the tank or we were going to respond. We had a great week of practice. We went up there on a mission and I think that showed on the field. We just kept our focus and kept our poise early on and we played really well. It was a big win for us."

Did Coach Sherman or any of the staff do something different to help prepare you for Tech?

I wouldn't say anything different. They made it clear what we had to do. We knew we had to have another great week of practice and have that carry over in the game. We did that."

Do you think the offensive line with you over on the left side has found the right combination?

"Yea, I hope so. We definitely had the best game that we have had all year. We really kind of had our backs up against the wall and we knew we had to perform to carry the offense on our shoulders and have a big day. We did that and it felt good. I was so proud of everybody."

I heard Coach Sherman showed the team the rumble in the jungle match between Ali and Foreman. How did that help you guys get motivated for the game?

"It was kind of something different. It was cool to see a great boxer like George Foreman get knocked down and come back and respond a couple years later. It shows that people fall, champions fail, and it's the champions that get back up and get out there and make it right."

Did the Texas Tech defensive front do anything to catch you guys off guard?

"No, we didn't really do anything different. They played how we thought they were going to do. They didn't throw a whole lot of different stuff at us. We just executed really well, we blocked really well, and really had a good tempo that we didn't have last week. The tempo really wore them down and it seemed like they were really dragging early on in the game. That was a big thing for us to just push the ball. We played really well."

Did the uptempo offense help get you guys into a good groove and rhythm?

"We had a great rhythm and really had the defense on their heels. It made it feel like we could pretty much do whatever we wanted with the football. We were just moving the ball down the field and executing like we know that we can."

Looking ahead to Iowa State, you guys know you can't overlook any Big 12 opponent. How do you guys stay focused and not get over-confident?

"We have had a chance to celebrate this win and enjoy it for 24 hours. We just got to come in and work today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week and get back level headed. We have got to get ready for this Iowa State team who is very good. They've had some good games this year and obviously their win on Saturday was really big. They are a solid football team and we have got to be ready to play."

How did it feel to come home and have about 400-500 Aggie fans waiting to greet you after the game?

"It was a huge win for A&M. I know a lot of fans were happy. Getting home late at night, I know a lot of people stayed up late to welcome us back and it was a great feeling. We really appreciate their support and it was a lot of fun."

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