Hard Work Paying Off For Showers

Jameill Showers Showers broke his collarbone during a scrimmage against the Round Rock Dragons before the start of his senior year. His recovery is coming along well and Websider's Taylor Hamm caught up with Jameill on Sunday night to talk about his progress. Find out if Jameill will be playing a different position to end his senior year and the conversation he had with Mike Davis in the tailgate!

Jameill Showers broke his collarbone during a scrimmage against the Round Rock Dragons before the start of his senior year. 5am workouts with his father have put Jameill in a position to possibly see the field before the end of the season, but not a quarterback.

"I might see some time at receiver. I don't want to miss my entire senior year. The A&M coaches just told me to make sure I get out of bounds. I'm going to talk to coach Gray on Monday and see what he thinks. Hopefully I can but if not I totally understand why."

Jameill's injury no longer hinders him from being able to throw or lift weights. The strength and condition program his father and coaches have him on will pay dividends down the road.

"I can throw and lift and do all the lifts I used to be able to do. Not as heavy because I have lost a little strength in that arm, but it's my left arm so I really don't use it for much anyways. "

Showers likes how the A&M offense is progressing and he is ready to show everyone he isn't a one-dimensional quarterback.

"A lot of people think I am a run first type of quarterback. If I have time, I like to sit back and throw the ball. A&M threw the ball a lot and it was balanced and exciting. They had a bunch of big plays and it gave me chills just watching them. "

Kyle Field and the 12th Man is what attracted the Shoemaker quarterback to play for Mike Sherman.

"The fans were a big deciding factor for me because at Shoemaker we don't have that much fan support. Watching A&M that's a whole different story because no one leaves early even if they are losing. "

Showers had a chance to catch up with Skyline receiver Mike Davis at the game Saturday.

" He asked me, ‘what made you commit so early?' and I told him about the fan support and how honest the coaching staff was. That was a big one for me at least. I don't want to come here and they tell me ‘oh you can start as a freshman and beat out Jerrod', because I know more than likely that won't happen. They told me I can come in and I should be able to compete for that first backup job. It will be my spot to lose if I do what I am supposed to do. They said I am the type of guy that they can build a National Championship team around or even a conference championship. Mike asked me if I like to throw the ball, and I told him I loved to throw the ball. Then I told him that it's basically like a big family here. That the commits and players stay with each other, and he said he is coming in the spring and he could get a lot of work in with me. That's when he said he is probably going to de-commit and come to A&M. He was like ‘I have all my friends coming here' and ‘if the coaches say I can come in and play early I'm more than likely going to de-commit from LSU', I hope he wasn't getting my hopes up.

Jameill thinks his biggest hurdle in the college game will be off the field work and studying film. Jameill's father has also been helping him get ready for the college game.

"The biggest thing for me I think will be working on things off the field like studying film and getting the terminology down. I want to be a student of the game. My dad has been working with me a lot to get ready for this Spring. We have been working on under center type of situations to try to get ready for college. "

Jameill might be one of the most mature recruits that I have come across and a lot of it has to do with his background. His father has kept him on a righteous path for success. Showers is not allowed to go to high school parties and he understands what is important in life.

"Going to Shoemaker you see a lot of guys who have downfalls because they were getting into a bad lifestyle. We had a runningback from last year who could have gone anywhere. He was the best back I played with or against, but he was a knucklehead who got involved with the wrong crowd. Now I see him walking around school and he looks lost. I don't want to ever be like that. Brandon Joiner, I saw what happened to him. He is a big influence on how I don't want to be."

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