Showers Eager To Prove Himself

Jameill Showers will enroll at Texas A&M in the spring of 2010. He will be one of three quarterbacks contending for the backup spot to Jerrod Johnson and he is eagerly awaiting his chance to prove all of the naysayers wrong. Websider's Taylor Hamm spoke to the Killeen native about his upcoming trip to Aggieland this weekend, the ensuing QB battle with Matt Joeckel and,and his goals in spring ball.

Jameill Showers has a calendar on his wall counting down the days just like a kid anxiously awaiting a favorite holiday or birthday. The only difference is that he is counting down the days until he goes to work. There is something to be said about a talented player that has something to prove on the football field -- they tend to work harder than the competition. Jameill was sidelined his entire senior year and he had to watch his future teammates Clay Honeycutt and Matt Joeckel tear up 5A competition. With the spring semester approaching, the Killeen native is ready to take advantage of his mid-term enrollment by showcasing all of his hard work and competing for the backup QB spot.

"With me, I have higher expectations than everyone else. I feel like I have a lot to prove so I just want to prove myself wrong. I want to be able to come in and excel, I don't want to come in struggling, so that is why I am putting in the work right now. Matt and Clay have dibs over me because I missed the entire season this year. I feel like I didn't lose anything because I still practiced. Granted it wasn't a real game, but I still practiced with 7-on7's , I threw against defenses, and people guarding guys one-on-one, so I got the work in. My goal coming in is to do the best I can. If I feel like I did the best I can and I still have to red-shirt, then I would be satisfied with that."

In the spring of 2008, we saw Jerrod Johnson push future Dallas Cowboy's quarterback and Aggie legend Stephen McGee until a few weeks before the season began for the starting QB spot. Showers knows he won't likely contend for a starting spot, but he is looking forward to competing with one of the best high school QB's in the state of Texas.

"I do feel like I have something to prove, but I am looking forward to competition. Matt [Joeckel] is a good guy and he is a good football player but there are different qualities in guys. There are probably things he does better than me, and there are things that I do better than him. It just depends on who wants it more, I guess. I feel like I have to prove things to people because I read all of the articles on the recruiting sites and they say things like, ‘Matt has all of the physical tools of a quarterback' and that 'I am only 6-2 and not as mobile as him'. Comments like those just makes me want to work harder. It's a part of being competitive I guess. My dad gets in my head like that too. At the camp this summer he would be like, ‘Are you going to let them beat you like that?' That kind of stuff motivates me. "

Jerrod Johnson's 2009 regular season gave Showers something to strive for. The former Shoemaker quarterback wants to be the leader that Johnson is and he compared Jerrod's poise and talents to one of the best QB's in the NFL.

"I liked how he ran the team. He is the quarterback and pretty much the coach on the field. I feel like he played a lot like Payton Manning at times, everyone looked to him when something was going wrong or when they needed him most, and Jerrod always stepped up in that situation. He can throw the deep ball and isn't scared to throw into coverage. I'm excited to come in and learn as much as I can from him."

Showers sees a lot of himself in Jerrod.

"I see a lot of myself in him. I'm pretty intense on the field. I'm not yelling at anyone but I am not afraid to speak up, I'm not afraid to call somebody out when someone is doing something wrong even if I am a young guy or not."

Jameill is not afraid of taking on Mike Sherman's complex prostyle offensive playbook.

"I feel like I am smart enough to handle the system. I have the work ethic that it takes to study the game. I'm going to take it home and I'm going to study on my own and watch film whenever I can. If I were a lazy person then I would be worried, but me personally I am not worried about retaining all of it. Once I get used to the system I will be able to call plays out on the field like if I see something on the defense that requires me to audible. My dad has prepared me to learn how to read coverages, read defenses, and see what play will work in this situation. If I had the power to in high school I would have been confident doing those things on the field. Last year if I had the power, I would have switched a lot of plays at the line and called audibles, but the rest of my team wasn't ready for any of that. "

There is no doubt that Jameill will have a plethora of receivers to go to next year. He will finally have talented go to guys that he can depend on. There is not one guy he is eager to play with over another.

"I am excited to play with all of them, really. You have Jeff Fuller who is a big guy you can just throw the ball up to and let him make a play- he has true hands. EZ is a speed guy. You have Nate Askew coming in and he is a beast from what I have seen. Malcome Kennedy is a big physical receiver so I feel like everyone could be a go to guy. It will be nice to have receivers that I know will catch the ball."

With less than 4 weeks of tallies left on his calendar, Jameill Showers counts down the days until he can officially call himself an Aggie.

"I'm just ready to put on that Maroon helmet, step onto that field, and get to work. I think I was born to be a Fightn' Texas Aggie."

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