A True Dual-Threat QB

Dexter Foreman from Manvel High School is the epitome of a dual-threat quarterback. The 6'-2" and 205 pound junior is receiving interest from many Big 12 schools and most importantly Texas A&M. Websider's Taylor Hamm spoke to Foreman about his junior day visit. Subscribe to Websider today!

Dexter Foreman from Manvel High School is the epitome of a dual-threat quarterback. The 6'-2" and 205 pound junior is receiving interest from many Big 12 schools and most importantly Texas A&M. Even though Foreman played in a run first minded offense this year, he was still able to put up 843 yards passing and 5 touchdowns in 2009. His size and speed set him apart from other quarterbacks his age. Manvel struggled this year only winning 5 games, but Foreman's talents have not gone unnoticed.

"I guess you could say I'm a dual threat quarterback that likes to look for the pass first," said Foreman. "At Manvel I play in a half pro-style, half spread offense. I think it's great for me as a quarterback because it gives you the best of both worlds. If you have a good enough spread program it really helps your school and helps your program. At the same time, if you can run a pro-style, it is the same type of offense most colleges and NFL teams run. It helps me not only on the passing side of the game, but it also allows me to work under center and make decisions coming from back under center."

Foreman was named New Comer of the Year his first year on varsity as a sophomore, and he thrived in a potent offense throwing for 1,251yards and 15 touchdowns. His junior year did not allow him to put up the numbers he had wished for because of an injury-plagued team.

"Sophomore year was great but unfortunately my junior year I struggled," said Foreman. "We had 5 offensive linemen come back and unfortunately 4 of them went down early with injuries. So I was struggling with a new line and two sophomore receivers, but that just comes with the territory and that is the game of football sometimes. We did a lot of rushing this year because of the injuries, but I guarantee next year will be three times better than this year."

Last weekend Foreman took his first junior day visit to Texas A&M and came back blown away.

"A&M was great," said Foreman. "I loved the trip to A&M. It was a great hands on experience for me. I talked to Coach Sherman and a handful of players. I knew a bunch of the players before I got there, which already has me leaning towards A&M early on in the process.

The Houston-area standout appreciated the family atmosphere during his trip.

"Just going to A&M feels great because they all feel like a family when you go up there. It's not like a whole bunch of different people, it feels like a family situation and a family oriented school. I loved that about A&M."

Texas A&M starting quarterback Jerrod Johnson was Dexter's host for most of the day on Saturday and left him with some valuable words of advice.

"Jerrod showed me around the entire campus," said Foreman. "He [Johnson] told me to stay on top of my game, play to the best of your abilities, and most importantly stay on top of your books because you're nothing without your books. He said always listen to your parents and coaches. Don't ever let up because there is always someone working harder than you. Someone is always trying to work harder than you, but most importantly make sure you stay on top of your books and stay grounded."

Right now the only offer Foreman holds is from Colorado but he feels like an A&M offer could be coming soon.

"I think A&M will be reeling me in soon," said Foreman. "They told me that everything is looking good but with A&M being the stellar educational school, they are not looking to offer many kids this early."

Foreman's grades are important to him and his family.

"Grades are number 1 in family. Right now I have a 3.0 out of a 4.0 scale and I will be taking the SAT in May."

The 6'-2" junior comes from a family full of Longhorns but he won't let the in-home rivalry get in the way of his decision.

"With me being from the state of Texas, the power house has always been UT. I also have two sisters that go to Texas, so I naturally grew up a fan of the Longhorns. My dad grew up in the 80's and that was in the era of the Miami Hurricanes, so he got me hooked to Miami. There are some mixed emotions in my house about me liking A&M. My dad was recruited by A&M when he grew up but they wanted to switch him to an athlete. That kind of left a bad taste in his mouth about A&M, but he is starting to warm up to the idea of me playing there. I know they would support my decision to play at A&M if I were to go there. "

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