Coaches Corner: 2011 DT Shaiwo Garteh

Kennedale High School is home to a very explosive and talented defensive product by the name of Shaiwo Garteh. Websider's Taylor Hamm spoke to Coach Garrett about his 6'1'' 275 pound defensive tackle and received a full scouting report. Subscribe to Websider today for the latest Aggie news and scoop!

Not many schools have Shaiwo Garteh on their early 2011 radar, but it's hard to overlook Garteh's size and strength. The Kennedale junior averaged 7.5 tackles per game, recorded 37 total tackles, and 4 sacks in 2009. Websider's Taylor Hamm spoke to Coach Garrett and got a full scouting report on Shawio.

On Shaiwo's abilities,

"He is a kid that measures out at 6'1'' and weighs in at 275 pounds. He is extremely powerful and strong: 700 pound squatter as a sophomore in the state power lifting meet, and a 400 pound bencher. First team all-district at defensive tackle, we also played him at nose guard and a little bit at tight end. He is a very coach-able kid and very fast for his size. I think he ran a 4.9 at the Army combine, so he combines his power and strength with some quickness. When you run a 4.9 and you weigh 275 pounds and are 6 foot with a 31 inch vertical, it's easy to see that he is very explosive."

On Shaiwo's versatility,

"He can play nose, defensive tackle, and tight end. Some people think that in a certain type of offense he could be a full-back, which he probably could. He is a hard worker for us and we certainly have high expectations and expect big things out of him."

On Shaiwo's recruiting process,

"There are a few schools that have backed off a little because of his injury (broken leg). He is miserable because he can't work out. I know he will come back and come back strong. He is going to make somebody a really good football player. The defensive coordinator for the University of Missouri called me the other day after he watched Shaiwo's film. He told me he really likes the way he moves, the way he plays, and his aggressiveness. Does that mean Missouri is going to offer him? No, but he knows someone is going to offer him and sign him. Right now he doesn't have any junior days planned because of his injury and the restrictions he has because of that leg."

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