Aggies Add One More To Their 2010 Class

Texas A&M added another signee to their 2010 class this morning when Jarvis Harrison (Navasota HS) signed his letter of intent to play football for Coach Sherman's Aggies. The 6-4 and 325 pound offensive guard also signed with Navarro Junior College on signing day. Websider's Taylor Hamm spoke to Coach Fedora about the newest addition to A&M's 2010 class. Read the scouting report in the tailgate!

Fedora on A&M's recruitment of Jarvis,

"Back when Buddy Wyatt was recruiting here in the spring of last year he was impressed with Jarvis and I think they have recruited him for the past couple of years. Now how hard, I don't know. He is a kid that has outstanding talent. He has only been playing football for two years. Great size and athletic ability. You can see that on the football field and the basketball court. If you watch him during a basketball game and watch him move up and down the floor you can see that he is extremely athletic."

Fedora on other schools recruiting Jarvis,

"He went to a few camps last summer. He went to the Baylor one-day camp and the Oklahoma State camp. I know when he went to the Baylor one-day camp, Baylor offered him right there. I know Oklahoma State was interested in him and had an offer out on the table. Southern Miss also offered him. I think some people get caught up in the stars and all that type of stuff. He is a great football player and one of the best offensive linemen that I have been able to coach. I think when you look at his film and his football playing ability it's hard not to be impressed. I think A&M saw that and that's how the offer came in."

Fedora on Jarvis signing with Navarro and Texas A&M,

"He signed with Navarro because he was waiting on his test scores. He only took the SAT one time. He took it late in the year in January. He had signed up to take it in the fall but something came up and he couldn't take it. He wanted to keep his options open because he knew if he signed with a junior college, and his score came in the way he thought it would, that he would be fine. He got his score back on the 11th and it came back just like we thought it would, great. He will get there the same time all the other recruits A&M just got. I think he handled it very intelligently. I talked to him and his mother and he didn't want to just go out there and take an offer he wasn't sure of. Whenever you take the SAT one time you never know what the score is going to be. We found out he is going to be perfectly fine and we went from there. Once we knew his scores were going to be fine I started making contacts with college coaches and that's how it worked out. A&M jumped all over him after that. Sometimes you gamble and that's kind of how it was. Talking to a kid about waiting like that makes you worry a bit and you want to just go ahead and sign, but it all worked out perfect for him."

Fedora on Jarvis' ability to play multiple positions,

"I think he can play tackle or guard. Like I said, he has only been playing two years for us. The first year he came in he was a kid that I was going to look at tackle but we had two tackles that had been starting for two years. He came in and stepped up and had an unbelievable year for us at guard. He was a kid that we could move from the left side to the right side. There were a few situations in games where we put him in on the defensive line for stunts and he did outstanding there because he moves so well."

Fedora on what Jarvis needs to work on in the future,

"What I would say to Jarivs and every one of those kids that are coming into A&M is they need to get into the weight room and get stronger. Get that physical part of it down. Jarvis is a strong kid but when you play football, basketball, and track he hasn't had the time to get a full weight training session under his belt. He has unbelievable work ethic and he will take care of his business. He has a guy that he can go to and find out how it all works in Brandal Jackson. BJ and he are very close and I know BJ will be able to help him learn the process. "

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