Coaches Corner: Josh Stewart

Websider's Taylor Hamm spoke to Denton Guyer head coach John Walsh for a full scouting report on the newest A&M commit Josh Stewart. Subscribe to Websider today and find out everything you need to know about Stewart's abilities on the field.

Describe his skill set:

First of all, his speed is outstanding. He is a 4.5 kid and at the college level he will be around a 4.6 flat. He has always had tremendous quickness and I know he is faster than where he was last spring. With his skill-set, he is off the charts. I always knew he would be a D-1 corner because of his instincts and his ball skills early on. He is a scary football player because of what he brings to the table. We are actually going to use him on both sides of the ball this year because he is probably our best receiver, too."

What are his strengths as a player?

"Instincts are what I love about him the most. There is not a whole of lot coaching we are going to do with him. Our corner coach will teach him technique and steps but he can read routes and he already has a feel for the game. He makes a ton of game-changing plays for us."

Describe Josh's work ethic:

"I'm not trying to brag on my program but anyone who comes out of Guyer is going to have a good work ethic because we demand quite a bit out of them. There is a high quality of work taking place here, so any player coming out of here will not have an issue with work ethic."

What is his intensity and focus like on and off the field?

"He is a fun loving guy and he has a great personality off the field, but when that helmet goes on it is all business. He is a good leader and he doesn't mind being a vocal leader."

Is he a good team leader?

"Yes, absolutely. He does it by actions. Anytime you have big players making big plays it is a form of leadership. He backs it up by acting right and doing right off of the field. He doesn't mind rallying the troops with a few words."

Do recall a play or two that reflects his abilities on the field?

"There are several of them. The quarterfinal game against Denton Ryan, of course they have Scotty Young going to Texas Tech and Bud Sasser going to Missouri, we won that game by 3 points. Josh blocked a field goal, blocked an extra point, and he had a 47-yard interception return for a touchdown. Against Abilene Copper in round 3, they were going for an onside kick to get some momentum, Josh is on our hands team, he didn't just recover it he took it to the house. He is that type of player."

How do you feel he will fit into A&M's defense?

"Just talking to Coach Nguyen about what they are looking for down there is someone with great cover skills. They are hard to find. Someone who you can zone on one side, lock-up on the other side, or lock-up both corners and bring some pressure. If you watch Josh's film closely you realize that coaches can feel comfortable with locking him on a receiver. I think you can find lots of high school corners that can play good zone coverage, you just have to have a good athlete out there, but to have good man skills you've got to have good instincts. Josh brings all of that to the table."

Do you know why he decided to go ahead and commit to A&M and not play the recruiting process out longer?

"Yes, I do. He is good friends with my son J.W. [Walsh] who is going to Oklahoma State. He wanted to go there with J.W. and his other teammate Jimmy [Bean], but they haven't offered yet. When A&M offered he told me he wanted to go there. His cousin goes there so that was a big factor. We have been on that campus a few times with him and my son so he is familiar with it. One thing that was important to him in the recruiting process that he made clear to me early was proximity. He has a lot of family in Louisiana and he has a lot of family in Texas. He wants his family to be able to come watch him play. I told him that his offer sheet is going to get huge and to be patient with this. He told me ‘Coach, if I had to list schools before I even got an offer from A&M they would be at the top anyways. My cousin told me a lot about A&M.' I think proximity and familiarity was a big deal. He is going to be solid because we sat down and had a man-to-man talk about if you're going to throw out the word commit then we are committing. I don't want to be one of those coaches who have kids de-committing. I told him you are going to have coaches from big time programs trying to sway you. There is no doubt in my mind that he is going to stick with his commitment."

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