Askew Has One Focus This Spring

Nate Askew surprised everyone but himself at the Texas Relays this year when he put up a 10.83 in the 100-meter finals. The 6-foot-3, 220 pounder is working hard over the off-season to improve many aspects of his game. Websider's Taylor Hamm caught up with the San Antonio native and brings you an in-depth look into Askew's plans for the future.

Nate Askew strolled up to the starting blocks of the 100-meter finals at the Texas Relays a few months ago unsure if he could hang with one of the fastest running backs in the state of Texas. His main challenger, Oregon signee, Lache Seastrunk. "I didn't know what to expect," said Askew. "Everyone kept telling me ‘Oh you have to race Lache, you have to race Lache' and I was getting a little nervous." Nate, being the fierce competitor he is, never doubted his chances. "I knew if I could keep up with him I was doing something." Once that gun went off it was a two-man race between both the Army All-Americans. "We started racing and I seriously thought I could beat this guy," proclaimed the former Madison receiver. Although Askew lost the race by a hundredth of a second, he demonstrated startling speed for his size at 6-foot-3.

"I guess that performance showed how competitive I am. I don't like to get beaten at anything. I don't talk about it, I be about it. A lot of people doubted me on my speed and what I can do. I think that showed a lot."

Nate has kept in contact with his former quarterback at Madison and they plan on getting together this summer to work on some of the finer points of the game.

"My old quarterback, Brian Ehrlich, is coming back on the 29th so I am going to get out there and run some routes and have him teach me a few pointers since he plays college ball right now. I just want to work on route running, that's all I want to do is be a better route runner."

Nate has been up to College Station numerous times this spring mostly because of the bond he has formed with two of his future teammates.

"Fuller and JJ are my boys. When I was up for the junior day before the spring game Coach Rossley made me stand next to Jerrod and he was giving me the run-down on the signals and some of the terminology. It's not as bad as I thought."

Coach Sherman has over 100 different plays with each play available in different packages and formations. Nate will have his hands full trying to learn the routes and different plays but he doesn't seemed to worried about it.

"I was worried about it until I sat down with Jerrod. He is a great leader. I'm really excited to get in there and have him guide me for a year and teach me different things I can do to step my game up to another level."

"I have a good memory. The hardest thing will be getting my old offense out of my head. But I showed I could do that in the All-American game by picking up those plays and the terminology they use. Football is football at the end of the day."

Askew is a humble kid that isn't afraid to pick out his own faults. He understands his journey to the NFL won't go without criticism and critique. Nate has already taken notice of certain aspects of his game that must be improved in order for him to see the playing field in 2010.

"My explosion, my explosion off the line. When I first started getting recruited by Coach Cromwell that's what he was telling me. He told me I was good but I needed to explode off the line. The first three steps need to be hard, explode up field. It helped me out with track too. I know if I can get off the blocks quicker it will translate to the field as well. My downfield speed is great, I can compete with the best, but where I need to be better is off the line."

Nate compares his game to one of the best receivers in the nation out of the SEC.

"You know that receiver from Georgia? #8? A.J. Green. His game reminds me so much of my game. He is a downfield threat, he will out jump anyone for the ball, and he can run after the catch. That's how I play."

Nate's tentative arrival date to Aggieland is May 29th and he intends to room with Cedric Ogbuehi, Ben Malena, and Dominique Patterson.

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