1, 2, or 3: DB Situation

IRS has confirmed that the UTSA staff has offered another safety prospect who is currently on his official visit. That's only the beginning.

Late Saturday night IRS, was able to confirm that the staff has offered Jared McGee, a 6'1" 190lb safety from Legacy HS. McGee is starting to receive a lot of recruiting attention and the 'Runners maybe in the drivers seat for the time being.

McGee is an all around free safety prospect. He shows good ball-hawking abilities when patrolling the secondary. For a safety, he closes and makes plays on a ball like a natural corner. With his good size he'll also walk up and be physical at the line of scrimmage. Has shown he's a sure handed tackler.

As we had previously confirmed, Travin Howard (Longview HS), another safety target, is also on his official visit to UTSA. Going into the visit, Howard did inform IRS that he would be waiting until January to potentially make a decision. Things can always change within the minute.

With two targeted safeties visiting, the question is do the 'Runners have room to take both or simply go with whoever commits first? A direct source has confirmed to IRS that UTSA is now looking to take 2 safety's this class and could possibly end up taking 3 all together.

Up until this weekend, we had not caught word of the staff taking more than one safety, much less three. So why the change? With thorough evaluations, the staff has identified talent that they feel could be ready immediately or within 1 year in the program to step in and help fill voids by seniors to be: Triston Wade, Nic Johnston and Brian King.

Overall, this does change the recruiting strategy. With the staff locking in on at least 2 safeties, 1 more OT, what appears to be 2 DE's, 1 WR, 1 LB and possibly a fullback, this class can now potentially sit around 12-14 spots. That is an upgrade from the 9-12 we were originally hearing.

Talk about the remaining spots being recruited in our UTSAInsiders forum

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