Offensively Ready

Several questions surrounded the UTSA offense headed into 2014 spring workouts. Following the conclusion of spring practices on Wednesday, Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown spoke with media about the progression of the offense during this offseason.

Interview with UTSA Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown:

Overall thoughts on the spring:
"There were ups and downs, that's going to happen in the spring. Early, we sputtered a little bit as we put things in, but then we started picking it up. Overall, it's been a good spring. We've got some guys to developed but it has been up and down. But that's not all bad. You have to give the defense some credit, they're playing pretty good."

Expectations of the spring game:
"They need to do what they're supposed to do, 100 miles per hour, as fast as they can do it. In offensive football if you've got one guy going the wrong way or not doing what he's suppose to do, it can look ugly quick. So that's the biggest thing. We need everyone on the same page executing."

On the development of the younger players:
"Juan Perez had a really good spring. Juan, Reed (Darragh), and Kyle (McKinney) all made tremendous strides this spring. And they needed to. After this first line graduates after this season, they are going to be the guys. Javeron Williams is running better, running tougher. The work he's done in the off-season is really showing up out there."

On freshman WR Aron Taylor:
"He's healthy, I think you're seeing that. Aron can run. He's a big physical kid. If we didn't have seven seniors and all of the experience coming back you'd probably see him a little bit more out there. He's had a good spring."

On starting QB Tucker Carter:
"I've been pleased with Tucker this spring. Tucker is smart. He's always known the offense. It's just a matter of getting in and getting the reps. I think he's feeling comfortable with it too, not only what to do but how to do it: huddle procedures, cadence, everything that goes along with getting that ball snapped. He's a lot more comfortable."

On backup QB Austin Robinson:
"He's made strides. You see him from the first practice until now, he keeps improving. He's a freshman quarterback actually learning the offense for the first time, because last fall he was running the scout team plays. When he gets comfortable and is not thinking so much he's going to settle down and be a good player."

On Carter's running ability:
"We're not going to change what we do because of a different quarterback. Tucker is one of the best we've got in the offseason. People don't realize that Tucker runs a 4.3-40. He can run and is athletic. People don't realize that. The thing you saw at Smithson Valley was when the play broke down a couple of times Tucker is athletic enough to get us out of trouble. They (Tucker Carter and former UTSA QB Eric Soza) are not the same player, and I don't expect them to be, but Tucker is very smart, he knows what to do, and can move the football." On the expected drop off after the 2014 season:
"Anytime you lose experience it takes time and it takes reps. The good thing is that we're developing the young guys out there too, it's not just the ones, the twos and threes are getting in there. You've got to develop that depth. Will there be a drop off? Anytime you lose that much experience, a little bit. But it's our job as coaches to get them that experience. And we're doing that right now."

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