Out of State Recruit Waiting

This 2015 offensive lineman has been told that UTSA wants to look at him on both the offense and defense.

Out of State recruiting always presents a challenge to programs. Beyond the obvious logistical hurdles, programs always have to deal with the top school in the area.

But in their short history, UTSA has had some success recruiting the state of Oklahoma. That is the home of Tulsa Union offensive lineman Dominique Briggs.

Fresh off his visit to UTSA's Spring Game, Briggs has been hearing from the Roadrunners' coaching staff a lot. While Briggs has not been offered, there is a high level of interest between the parties.

"They're going to come to my spring practices and then I'm going to camp and we'll take it from there," said Briggs.

Briggs says he was impressed with the spring game and what UTSA has to offer.

"The atmosphere was great," said Briggs. "The coaches, players, and fans provided a home-type of an atmosphere. That's what I liked about it the most. I also liked the offensive schemes and the way they ran their defense."

Briggs is a unique prospect in that UTSA is evaluating him both on the offense and the defense.

"They told me that I could either play defensive line or offensive line. They told me that whenever I went camp that half of the time I'd work with the defense and half time I'd work with the offense," said Briggs.

A former teammate of current UTSA Safety Chase Dahlquist, Briggs is very familiar with the program as the Roadrunner Coaching Staff began recruiting him last summer.

At 6'4" and 310lbs, Briggs is a road-grating type of interior offensive lineman.

"As an offensive lineman I command attention on the field. I'm a punishing run blocker and can protect well. I'm flexible, I can play tackle or guard," said Briggs.

Briggs played defense as a freshman before spending the last two seasons as an interior lineman. His coaches have told him to expect to play both ways during this upcoming season.

Union HS just began their spring training and will kick off their spring workouts next week. Sometime after then, UTSA is expected to visit Briggs.

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