Practice Report 8.6.14

Putting on full pads for the first time this fall brought a different level of excitment and energy to the practice field Wednesday morning and IRS was there to take it in.

Here are some notes after taking in the first 30 minutes of practice on Wednesday.

--Tucker Carter is extremely confident with the offense. He's cool and collected even when the staff is going a million miles a minute. He get's his calls in and doesn't seem to be phased. He's in the zone and has complete control of the huddle and offense.

--The Alamo Drill! What most football aficionados know as the "Oklahoma Drill", has a a different name in Roadrunner Country, but the same effect. There was plenty of pad popping as both the defense and offense took turns in getting the ball carrier through or coming up with crunching stop. Speed and energy were full throttle.

--Looking at some of the new defensive talent, it leaves you thinking about what might be in one or two years. Seeing Nate Gaines (Fr.), Marcus Davenport (Fr.) and Austin Jupe let you know that Larry Coker and his staff are recruiting a different type of athlete compared to 4-5 years ago.

--Special teams is critical. It can be the very difference of the game as UTSA fans have found out first hand. Getting extra point and field goal situations down was a key focus Wednesday morning. For the most part the units looked good, but the D-line was able to break through and get a block on one of Daniel Portillo's (RS Fr.) FG's. Portillo did take reps with the first unit. Sean Ianno's leg looks as good as ever kicking the ball well past the sky lift behind the net.

--Safeties Coach Perry Eliano had the quote of the morning when working with his safeties on a catch drill staring into the direction of the sun. "If you can catch it in the sun, you can catch it in the day and any day of the week."

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