Coker Recaps Practice

Following Tuesday's abbreviated practice, InsideRunnerSports spoke with Head Coach Larry.

UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker

On Tuesday's Practice
"We were cut a little bit short today by lightening. But we got a lot in and got what we wanted done. It's a huge week for tire. We're tired and sore, it's going to tell us a lot about our personality on how we practice this week."

On the Coaching
"We're a lot better. Our coaches have been around a little bit. We're pushing our players pretty good. I think they know it's their football. We want to make sure to do a good job. But we really are much further along in every phase."

On Preparing for Houston
"A lot of the things we are doing will carry over. I think 10 days prior to the Houston game, we'll really focus in on what they do. We have some time. It's important that once we get into it, we're fully focused on Houston."

On the Health of the Team
"Overall I think we're pretty healthy. We've got some of guys who didn't participate. I wouldn't say injured but we've got some guys who need to get healthy. I want everybody out there but we have some depth and we have some numbers. So that's helping to develop some depth."

Are any of the injuries serious?
"No. I don't think so. We'll have to wait and see but we expect them to be back. The guys that are in there, we've got trainers taking care of them."

On Transfer Players (Robert Singletary and Bennett Okotcha)
"First off, why are they transferring. We don't want any damaged goods or character problems. We want to make sure that they are character kids. I think we've done a good job with that. These guys are talented, they've come here for a reason."

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