Coker Talks Contract Extension

For the first time since news broke about Larry Coker's new contract, the Head Coach spoke with the media about securing an extension.

Later this week, the UT Board of Regents will approve a new contract extension for UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker. Following Tuesday night's practice, Coker talked about the new deal that will keep him at UTSA through 2018.

On the New Contract
"To get the new contract extension, we love living here, it's a great place, we're very thankful to have the opportunity from Dr. Romo and Lynn Hickey."

On the Excitement Level vs at Miami
"It's been more as far as the excitement level, as far as the recruiting and the support in San Antonio. San Antonio has been a great place for us. It's more than I expected."

Comparing UTSA vs Miami
"It's probably been more gratifying than in Miami. Miami was already there, we had some great talent there. I've probably enjoyed this experience more. It's been appreciated more. At Miami, like at Texas and Alabama, you've go to win every game. If you don't win every game, it's a bad year. Here I think they appreciate every win. The crowds have been outstanding and support has been great. You can't imagine from my standpoint how gratifying it is."

On the Senior Class
"We have an outstanding senior class. It would be so gratifying to have a great year. Go to a bowl game, win a bowl game, win a conference championship, that would be the icing on the cake to see that happen for them. I've been blessed to be around some great players and have some success and got a few trophies and rings but I want to see these guys have some success. They bought in on nothing. It was just a dream to come here. It's been unbelievable."

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