8.20 Practice Report

Fall camp is winding down and UTSA is cranking it up. With a good majority of players returning from injury, the 'Runners look sharp as they prepare for the 2014 season.

UTSA held what is expected to be its last open practice for Media on Wednesday. IRS was there, here is your 8.20.14 Practice Report:

-- We got a good look at the offense for a good part of Tuesday's practice, and the unit as a whole looked very good.

-- Starting QB Tucker Carter looked razor sharp commanding the offense. On various drills and sets, Carter hit seemingly every receiver in the numbers. To say Carter is the most accurate QB on the roster would be an under-statement.

-- We saw a lot of athleticism at the WR position. The elder statesmen such has Brandon Freeman, Kam Jones, etc. always practice well and hard, but some of the younger players are really showing why they were recruited by UTSA. Specifically the likes of Aron Taylor and Kerry Thomas. Both Taylor and Thomas catch everything that's thrown their way.

-- Speaking of Kam Jones, his involvement in the offense will continue to be multiple. We've seen Jones lineup in various formations all over the field.

-- For the first time, we got a look at what appears to be a new offensive formation that has WRs lineup in the back field. Several WRs worked in the formation that looked to be a straight run play between the tackles but also looked like it could be used as an option-like play.

-- We saw the most throwing we've seen all fall. Mainly we watched 10 yard out passes. Again, Tucker Carter makes that throw look easy and accurate every time. Back ups Austin Robinson and Blake Bogenschutz both had some impressive throws as well, but neither were as consistent as Carter.

-- RBs David Glasco and Jarevon Williams with a ton of reps. No surprises there, both players look to be in mid-season form.

--We saw a ton of previously injured players return to action on Wednesday. Most notable were seven key players: DE Robert Singletary, DE Codie Brooks, LB Blake Terry, S Nic Johnston, TE Cole Hubble, WR Kenny Bias, and RB Treston Coleman.

-- RB Brandon Armstrong missed workouts for the second straight practice. Armstrong was seen in a walking boot.

-- Starting OT Josh Walker was also sidelined with a foot injury but for the first time in about a week, Walker was seen walking around without a walking boot.

-- The following key players were also not dressed out and did not practice: S Chase Dahlquist and RB Nate Shaw.


"We really put in some good work tonight, a lot of situational work. We came out and really had a good practice. We've got a lot of work done. We're pleased about our preparation. We've got to finish the week. In about a week, the lights will be on, we'll be ready to go."

General Thoughts on Houston
"They've got their quarterback back. He's really a good player, they have some excellent receivers and running backs. Defensively, I think they'll be awfully tough with good speed, technique, and physical players. I think they'll be better this year. Houston had a heck of a team last year. I think they're ready to take that next step this year."

On How He Feels about Practices
"I feel good about it. I think we've made good progress and we're making progress. This is going to be a key finish to the week and next week is going to be really key to fine tune the game plan."

On Stopping UH's Fast-Paced Offense
"We do the same thing out there. So we'll be use to the speed of the game. Again, it's those players. They've got good talent. We'll have to adjust to that for sure. We cannot give up the big plays. They make big plays, we've got to make sure to prevent that."

Can you prepare players for opening day jitters?
"Not really. These players are older than I am. They've been here for three to four years. Obviously, they'll be some nerves but they've been around it before. The thing about it is that we've played big teams. We've got to wear our big boy pads."

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