Practice Report: Three QBs May Play

UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker and Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown both said on Tuesday that all three QBs may play on Friday night in Houston.

Following Tuesday morning's practice, UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker and Offensive Coordinator each said that all three QBs (Senior Tucker Carter, RS Freshman Austin Robinson, and true Freshamn Blake Bogenschutz) may play in week one of the 2014 season.

"I expect all three of them to play, to be honest with you," Coker said when asked how many QBs he expects to play on Friday. "If you had to say today, I'd say yeah, we'll play all three of them. And they all three deserve to play."

When asked to confirm that all three will play this week, Coker responded: "On Friday, game day."

Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown was a bit surprised by Coker's announcement but also said that all three may play.

"Well, we'll have three of them ready," said Brown. "I don't know if three of them will get into the game. We're traveling three and we'll see where it goes from there."

For the majority of the fall camp, Robinson has been listed as the number two QB. In the offseason, UTSA even installed an offensive package especially for Robinson. But in a depth chart update earlier in the week, Robinson and Bogenschutz were both listed as the number two QB.

Brown was asked if Robinson was going to play Friday.

"Maybe," Brown responded. "Tucker is going to start and we're going to use the other two as-needed."

Coach Coker admits that he's never gone into a game preparing to play three QBs.

"I never done that," said Coker. "But these guys, I feel good about them. They've all practiced well."

Coker also reiterated that Carter will be the starter.

"Without question we have our starter, Tucker is our guy. He'll get the lion's share of it but the other guys are going to get some time," said Coker.

Practice Notes:

- Although not ruled out, starting OT Josh Walker is not looking good to play Friday in Houston. Other players to be determined include WR Kenny Bias and RB Brandon Armstrong. S Chase Dahlquist was back in pads working out.
- In preparation for weather on Friday in Houston, UTSA QBs, RBs, and WRs used wet footballs in drills, snaps, handoffs, passes, catches, etc. on Tuesday.
- UTSA shortened up practice to 15 sessions on Tuesday. They will practice on Wednesday before traveling to Houston on Friday.

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