Levine Talks UTSA

Houston Head Coach Tony Levine talks about the week one match up with UTSA.

Houston Head Coach Tony Levine enters his third season in charge of the Cougars. Earlier in the week, Levine spoke with media about the UTSA.

Opening Statement
"We're looking forward to being back on campus. There's a lot of excitement surrounding TDCU Stadium. We were able to get in for the first time Saturday evening. We ended up doing what we call a mock game. We came out and did our pre-game routine. Then we had a 30 minute situational script were we did substitutions, personnel packages and special teams. Our young men have been working extremely hard. We've seen improvement on a daily basis. There's a lot of activity and a lot of excitement on campus this week."

On Playing UTSA
"Nothing needs to be said. I shouldn't say nothing. We've certainly talked about UTSA. Based off that game last year, our student athletes are well aware of their experience, their talent, and their coaching. We're familiar with a number of their student athletes through the recruiting process a few years ago. It's two programs that know each other very well. I think both programs would say they have a tremendous amount of respect for the other program. They are a great football team. It's no fluke they had a successful year last year in year three and will have a successful year again here in 2014."

On UTSA's Personnel
"A couple of things jump out at us. I think we've got a good feel for them this year as they should for us, based on the fact that we played each other last year. The first thing that jumps out is their experience. It's actually mind boggling to look on their depth chart and see how many games their student athletes have played and have started."

On Connections Between UH and UTSA
"It's an interesting question. I've known Travis Bush when I had a full head of hair back in the late 90's. I've had a long relationship with Coach Bush. I got know Coach Jeffery and got to know Eric Soza last year. They've been tremendous additions to our staff. Their what we look for. Men with character that are family men, that do things the right way. At the end of the day, there is going to be a bunch of 19-20 year olds Friday night that have to throw and catch a football and tackle. In terms of does it give our program any advantage, I don't think that it does. At the end of the day, we're going to try to get our student athletes to try to execute our game plan."

On Texas A&M Transfer Gavin Stansbury
"Gavin Stansbury is doing a great job. He's been here a little over a month in our program. He fits right in. He had a prior relationship with a couple of our young men. He's working extremely hard and has really picked up our defense extremely quickly. I look forward to seeing him have a productive season."

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