The Game Plan: OC/DC Talk Houston

On the eve of the season-opening game vs Houston, IRS brings you our conversations with Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown and Defensive Coordinator Neal Neathery.

We caught up with Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown and Defensive Coordinator Neal Neathery earlier in the week. Both coordinators talk about Houston:

Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown on the Expected Weather
"We played in North Texas. That's one of the things you can't predict is the weather. We're out there with wet balls working. It doesn't rain in San Antonio, that's the only way you can get it is wet the balls and work exchanges and all of that. As far as game plan goes, it will be the same."

Brown on the UH Defense Overall
"They play fast and they play with enthusiasm. They're fun to watch. I'm excited to play them. They play defense the way it's suppose to be played. They're going to try to rip the ball out and create explosive plays. They're fun to go against."

Brown on the Houston D-Line
"That d-line is about two-deep. All of them are solid. And our d-line is good. We tell our guys all of the time that if you can block our people, you're going to have a shot every Saturday. We get that work everyday. But they (Houston) are really good. I think those ends are really athletic. They've got a lot of experience. It's going to be tough."

Brown on Starting OT Josh Walker and Backup Jordan Gray
"It's the same thing as last year. If Josh is ready, we're going to roll. If not, Jordan has had a really good week of work. It's next man up, that's how it goes."

Defensive Coordinator Neal Neathery on the Hard Hat D
"We're ready. You've done all you can for the opener than in a regular game week. At the same time you're always concerned in the opener because you don't know as much as you're going to see. It's a little more unpredictable."

Neathery on the Cougars Offense
"They're really good. Their skill people are as good as we'll see. They're o-line is a little bit of mystery. They were good last year, they've got some new faces there, we'll see what they look like but I'm sure they'll be good players. But their skillset, I would be surprised if we see anybody as good as they are. The quarterback is really good."

Neathery on Being Able to Put Pressure on the QB
"They make it hard for you. We're use to seeing it because we saw so much of it last year. It' shouldn't be anything real new for us from that perspective. But these teams do make it hard to get to the quarterback, they get it out in a hurry. We'll try. This quarterback is fantastic in the pocket. You consider him a dual threat quarterback because he likes to run, but when he has to move around in the pocket, that's when he's the most dangerous."

Neathery on the UH WRs
"They're good. They're big and fast. They're not small, slot types, they're big slot types that can run. It gives you a lot of problems. They're going to put #3 (Deontay Greenberry) on the inside. He's their best player, statistically. They're all good. It gives you some problems. We'll try to. He's going to get some yards. They like to get him in the middle, they do a good job with it. It challenges you for sure."

Neathery on Expected Weather
"If we get there and there's weather, they'll be weather for both of us. Offensively they've got to think more about those things than we do."

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