8.31.14 Practice Report

Coming off the season-opening win over Houston, UTSA hit the practice field on Sunday as they prepared for Arizona.

After taking Saturday off, UTSA practiced on Sunday for the first time following their win over Houston. The practice was closed to the media. Following practice, Head Coach Larry Coker and several players met with media.

Coker on Practice
"A lot of energy today, a lot of energy this weekend. We're learned a lot about ourselves. We've got a tremendous challenge coming up this week. We had a great start. It's a short week, we've got to adjust to that. But I really like the direction we're headed."

Coker on what he learned about the team?
"I really liked our defensive game plan. The flaws I saw on offense are things that are correctable. We've got to get the plays in on time. The things that I saw that did not work well are correctable, we've just got to correct them."

Coker on QB Tucker Carter
"I was very pleased with his first outing. He managed the game well, he did some very good things."

Coker on Arizona
"I was hoping they wouldn't look that good. They're speed and execution. They really do a great job at hitting home runs. Rich does a phenomenal job with the offense. They're really a fast-break offense, they've got talent. They're going to attack you."

CB Bennett Okotcha on Arizona
"It's definitely a challenge going against that NASCAR offense. We're going to get ready for that. Our coaches do a great job of preparing us. We know what we're getting ourselves into."

Okotcha on the Improvement of the Defense
"We've definitely come along way. We started playing with a lot more confidence toward the end of last year. We put in some packages, we mixed up the calls. That's what happens when you have a lot of veterans that understand concepts and understand the game. It makes it a lot easier to mix it up."

RB David Glasco II on Practice
"It was a little different, we play earlier this week. We went to Houston, got a victory, and now we're looking forward to our next opponent.

Glasco on Moving Forward
"Nobody has the attitude that we did good. Everybody is looking forward. We're not getting a big or arrogant. We went to Houston and too care of business, that's over now. This game is important, if not bigger than the Houston game.

Glasco on Arizona
"They have some good linebackers, they're real quick. Their d-line was nice last year, they're going to be nice this year. So the first two levels, those are the people we need to make sure we get a hat on, if not, they're going to be making plays."

DT Ferrington Macon on a Let Down
"It goes back to our first year playing. We played North Eastern Oklahoma State and then the next week we got beat by McMurry. We learned to forget success. If you dwell on it, that's how you get beat the next week."

Practice Notes
- RB Brandon Armstrong returned to workouts today. No word on his availability for Thursday.
- OT Josh Walker did not workout today. No word on his availability for Thursday.

- The UTSA defensive line recorded 4 sack and 22 knockdowns vs Houston.

- A total of 10 defensive lineman saw action vs Houston.
- A total of 14 freshman (true and redshirt) saw action vs Houston

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