Gundy on UTSA

On Monday, InsideRunnerSports spoke with Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy on the upcoming matchup vs UTSA.

Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy talks UTSA.

On the Injury to QB J.W. Walsh
"We're going to keep in a boot until Tuesday afternoon for practice. And then we'll make a decision at that point."

On the Running Game
"We need to be improved in a lot of areas. We need to be more effective in pass blocking and we need to run the football beter. We need to overall improve. Our offense always survives on balance."

On the Preparing Two QBs
"We've repped our second team qb, and even given our third team qb reps. You have to have the second team qb more prepared than what we did years ago."

Is game time the only real experience a QB can use?
"I think there's a lot of truth to that. Each player is different. There some cases where players have a little different mental capability and makeup. For the most part, there's no substitute for experience."

On Backup QB Daxx Garman
"We know a little bit more about him. We've always prided ourselves here that we have got to have a guy ready to play. We pride ourselves in getting players prepared and hopefully that will be the situation. If Daxx has to play more than what we would have anticipated based on the health of JW, then hopefully he will play well. Daxx has probably earned the right to play some during the games."

What do you expect from Garman?
"It's really hard to tell. He certainly doesn't have enough experience for us to really say one way or the other. As he progresses, we'll certainly learn more about Daxx as a player."

"This is a league game for us. They're very capable of winning games and having success in the Big 12 Conference. That's what we really expect. They very well could have won that game vs Arizona. They had every opportunity to win the game. It will be a challenge for us."

On UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker
"They're a very well coached team. They recruit speed. They have speed at a lot of areas, they're mature now. They essentially have everyone back, other than their quarterback. They're good enough to win games in our league. They can be competitive in our league. He's done a great job there."

On Looking Past UTSA
"They watched the tape. They saw them dominate Houston and they watched them play against Arizona where they had multiple opportunities to win that game."

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