The Game Plan: OC Talks OSU spoke with Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown coming off the Arizona loss and heading into the Oklahoma State game.

UTSA Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown On What He Liked vs Arizona
"We talked week 1 that we expected to see the biggest improvement from week 1 to week 2. I was pleased with that. From an organizational standpoint to getting personnel in, everybody being on the same page. We had 10 penalties that first week, we had four last week. That's four too many but it's improvement. We cleaned a lot of stuff up and we're playing faster. And we were neck and neck in that ball game. We had two drives at the end of the half and two drives at the end of the ball game we wished we could have done something with one of those. We fought, there was improvement, now we've got to find a way to get over the hump."

On Oklahoma State
"They're athletic all the way around. From the secondary to the linebackers to their front. Upfront, you're going to be hard-pressed to find a more athletic bunch. They're younger than they were last year but they've got the same type of athlete. It's going to be a tremendous challenge."

On Playing Calling in the Redzone
"We always want to keep them guessing. If you keep them one dimensional, then the odds are going to stack against you. Hindsight, maybe, but we're not going to second guess things. We do what we do to keep people off balance. A lot of times it works, sometimes it doesn't."

On Backup QB Austin Robinson
"I thought he did a nice job. We got him in early. We always tell him to go get 4 (yards) and fall forward. He did. That was good to see. We needed to see him in game action because he doesn't get hit out here. The one in the redzone, he didn't have anything. So it was a good job keeping the ball high and tight and playing the next down. I was pleased with the two reps he got."

On QB Tucker Carter
"He did a nice job managing it. I think he was 67% completion percentage, we want him to be 65%. Other than that last play, he did a really good job of taking care of the ball. We all wish he could have that one back, and he does too, but it's one of those things he's trying to make a play. Unfortunately, they made it."

On Facing the Oklahoma State
"We had success against them last season. Say what you will but we're going against a Big 12 school that is very talented. We had some success against them and we had some success against Arizona in the PAC 12. We're confident, it doesn't matter who we play. If we focus on us and execute and do what we are suppose to do, I think we'll be fine."

On the Tight Ends Use
"We'd like to improve on it. This offense is about getting the ball to the play makers. Those two are definitely play makers. Sometimes the defense dictates where you go with it. But a lot of times we'll design things so that those guys can get their touches."

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