The New No. 2

Freshman Blake Bogenschutz ascended to the role of backup QB this week.

True Freshman Blake Bogenschutz is now the sole backup quarterback to Tucker Carter, according to updated depth chart released for this week's game at Florida Atlantic.

"We debated trying to redshirt him," UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker told media on Monday. "That’s not going to happen obviously, now that he’s played. We’re going to need him as this thing goes along.”

Out of the small East Texas town of Carthage, Bogenschutz has caught on to UTSA's offense very quickly.

"It's a big transition," said Bogenschutz. "But they keep on telling me it's just like high school football. You can't think of it any different."

Coach Coker has made it no secret how he feels about Bogenschutz. On Monday, he reiterated those feelings in discussing some of the freshman's intangibles.

"He’s a playmaker and he’s exciting to watch," said Coker. "He’s very coachable and he can deliver. He does what you ask him to do and sometimes that’s rare. I like him a lot. I think we got a really good one in Blake."

Several of his teammates have also been impressed with Bogenschutz.

"Put yourself in his shoes," said Offensive Guard Scott Inskeep. "Coming out of high school, he gets to play against OSU, gets a touchdown. He stepped up when we needed him."

"Blake came in and played like a trooper," Center Nate Leonard said. "We told him at the beginning that we had his back and that we weren't going to let anything happened to him. We were very, very pleased with him."

Now, Bogenschutz will use the rest of the season for improve and get ready to potentially take the reigns in 2015.

"I'm higher on him now than I was," said Coker. "He did a nice job in a tough situation. I was kind of disappointed at the end (of the OSU game) with the interception because they were laying back. But he needs the work."

Leonard sees potential in the freshman signal caller.

"He's got a bright future here at UTSA," Leonard said of Bogenschutz. "I only have 9 games left, plus hopefully a post season game or two, Blake has about 40 games ahead of him. It's just exciting to see the future of UTSA."

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