Davie Talks UTSA

New Mexico Head Coach Bob Davie spoke with media this week about the upcoming matchup with UTSA.

New Mexico Head Coach Bob Davie

"I think they’ve rally been a model quite honestly. They have 36 seniors on that football team. They built that thing up. It started with no culture at all. It started with an eye on the future. It started with what can the program be? They didn’t have the negativity going through of playing games right away with a brand new roster."

Last year, UTSA was a team that kind of shut down your offense. They have a big four man front. Is that a point of emphasis this week?
"I think we thought we were a little better than we were offensively going into the first game of the season last year. With that said they are probably as good a technique team as we will play all year and they are going to give you absolutely nothing. They are going to line up in the same defense they’ve been playing for six years now and that’s why they are good. They are going to make us earn everything. I don’t think we played as well as we are capable of level of playing last year. They certainly had a lot to do with it. And a lot of people have taken what they did last year through this last year and a half and kind of copied what they have done. So we’ve seen a lot of that look now. Just about everybody we play, plays us in a four-down, safety in the middle kind of look week in and week out."

On How to Make Defensive Improvements
"It’s more of the same. It’s again doing what you choose to do with efficiency. Regardless of what you choose to do on defense it comes down to being efficient. And players playing their gap and playing after down after down after down doing what they are supposed to do and in our case doing what they know how to do. It’s the constant pressure being put on young guys down after down after down, week after week after week. And I talked about it last week it’s about developing some guys kind of like the “Seal” mentality. That’s what it is now to play defense you better be a Navy Seal and it is about that."

What do you guys have to do to have some success out there?
"I think we have to continue to improve each week which actually we have. If you look at the tape I think we are better right now than we were when we started this season. I think on defense what they are, because of their time together, quite honestly and the continuity of their staff. You know a lot of these spread teams really do one or two formations because they get lined up so fast and there’s really no motion against spread teams because they just want to snap the ball and they don’t want to motion. This team is a multiple, multiple set team. They do a lot of things one or two times. Very seldom do they do things over and over and over. So on defense it is probably more of the same of don’t break, don’t break and don’t bust and make them earn everything and that’s been our single biggest problem. On offense it really is how do you get big plays against them because they are pretty consistent with what they do."

Is that the big challenge defensively knowing they do so many different things on offense?
"It’s a challenge right now for anyone we play right now on offense with our defense right now. I think too, we are going to San Antonio, Texas, we’ve got 26 players from the state of Texas. They have a 100 from the state of Texas we have 26. This is a big game for our kids. It’s a big game going back to Texas. You know San Antonio is what 190 miles west of Houston and 200 south of Dallas? It sits there right in the middle of the state. The Alamodome, there’s been some great games played there. They average well over 30,000 people. They got great support there. Really a good game-day atmosphere, I saw it on television against Arizona. They are wearing some different jerseys at home. We are going to wear red on the road. It’ll be a really good atmosphere."

Is Jr. QB Cole Gautsche starting?
"You know what I don’t know. We will know later on during the week. When we know both of those guys and know probably all three of them will play. It’s not something at the top of our list to make a major decision on whose going to start and who is going to come in second. I think Lamar Jordan, I do think it has been a bit of a benefit for him to be on the headsets. Kind of the reason we didn’t start him quite honestly against Fresno. It is kind of settling as a young quarterback to be on that head set other than DeBesse starts screaming pretty loud and starts losing control. I’m sure that’s unsettling for him. But you can hear all of the communication and you can hear all the exact checks early on in the game. That way when you go in maybe it’s a little easier on you as a young guy. That’s really the reason we started Clayton Mitchem against Fresno just so Lamar could kind of hear it."

You could be 3-1, Do you feel like you could of won more?
"Yeah, but we could be 0-4. You know that’s what this is and that’s what we are. And honestly look down the rest of our schedule and that’s what it’s going to be. You know we are going to play a bunch of close games I really believe that. You know we played three of them already this year. There’s two ways to look at that. You can say okay progress has been made. That’s how I choose to look at it. Progress has been made because we are competitive. Now how do I as a head coach get this to where we win? It’s here’s my core of coaches and here’s my core of guys. And we squeeze even tighter and that develops. And that gets bigger because here’s what it takes to win. And that’s why I feel pretty good quite honestly about where we are right now. I really do."

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